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It's "2009"


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Had a bit of a shock earlier - every boat in Calais harbour sounded its horn at 2300hrs our time (midnight for them obviously).


Nearly fell out of my chair, wasn't expecting it for another hour!


We have, therefore, seen it in twice now! To be honest, I am just looking forward to getting home to my pit which should be 1000ish.

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Happy new year to you all. We had an open house last night, lots of friends and family popping by. At midnight the cubed one let off one of them mahoosive party poppers and now my place is all full of tiny bits of sparkly paper!!!!!!!!

Eldest cublet crashed into bed at around 11 and youngest had to be put to bed at 1 :shocked: he had been dancing all night (dont know where he gets that from??????:-D)


Good luck to everyone this year, hope you have a good one and we are looking forward to meeting more of you this year.


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