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  1. Hi All. It’s been sometime since I posted on here, with several projects simultaneously taking place hours in the day are becoming harder to come by. i have been following Jans saddle write up for both rider and pillion, extremely interesting. This week I purchased what I was convinced at the time to be a WD pillion seat but now I am not sure……it’s the front and rear springs throwing me. comments welcomed.
  2. Looking good, that’s a lot of fleas / parts 👍
  3. Amazing! Such a rare part the Miller tail lamp! it’s great to see them all boxed up, too!
  4. A detail I am missing too. Thanks for the measurements Lex, I shall drill mine also.
  5. Interesting…..following
  6. A lovely Velocette, Geoff! I have a MDD ready for a repaint and I am currently piecing back together a MAF, too. Should you consider parting with the MAF contract plate fitted to your MDD, I would have a very good home for it! a few pictures added! Steve
  7. What a lovely job Ron, well done, nice work!
  8. Well done Ron, nice work!
  9. Moving forward nicely Ron!
  10. Great work to date Ron!
  11. Brilliant, well done Ron!
  12. Thanks Ron. That’s the bracket I duplicated, fits rather well 😊
  13. Hi Folks! I am progressing rather slowly but progress all the same! I have now obtained the correct horn and wondering if anyone can share with me photos of the correct bracket and appropriate dimensions. Thank you so much!!
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