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  1. Interesting.... I was of the opinion there were two types of filter for the Flea.....
  2. Thanks Lex! I have turnt into a rivit counter 😂
  3. Hi all . I am currently searching out the correct air maze air filter for this bike. Can anyone confirm how many rivits are used to hold/join the filter mesh together? Hope this makes sense?
  4. Looks great Ron! Axholme are fantastic, they worked with me to get the James Ml font just right.....I noticed the Lodge HT cap, is that the same as found on the Flea & ML?
  5. Keep up the good work! I look forward to more photos!
  6. Looking good Ron! The colour looks great! I bet it was hard painting over those shiny bit!
  7. Thanks Lex! Yes I did have a few minor issues with my transfers. I am pleased to say the Famous James ML is now finished (We nearly) I cannot quiet believe it! I want to say a massive thank you to each and everyone of you who has taken the time to get involved and provide me with such great advice and information! Without you all I would of never finished the bike! There are a few shiny bits I know should be painted but I am really pleased with the end result! Ron I am ready to meet you on that race track now 😉 So as some of you no I already have my next project lined
  8. The saddle has now also been finished and looks great! I took the advantage of the good weather and started applying stencils and transfers.......
  9. Hi Lex! I have had a week off from work this week so the project has moved on well! The rear wheel has now been reconstructed and fitted and the newly made brake rods added to the bike....
  10. Hi All! I hope you are all well! I have been rather hectic the last few weeks but things are now starting to move again with my project! The rear wheel is now back and re-painted, both brake rods are now made, threaded and painted and the restoration of the original ginal seat cover is now under way....... nearly there!
  11. Thanks Ron. That’s great! Out of interest what sorts of brands/manufacturers would of been used originally? (For the chain) Steve
  12. So as I wait for the rear when to come back I am now on the hunt for a new rear chain, has anyone got any recommendations?
  13. That’s the clips I have gone for, from drags. They look the part!
  14. Well after my setback I have now stripped the wheel back and removed the spindle, tyre and sprocket...it’s all packed up and ready to go back to the wheel builders 😔. Whilst I wait for the wheel to come back I have started threading my brake rods.....
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