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  1. Another successful day with the primary side of the engine now completed including the rear break lever components now on. lots of fettling, as nothing would fit quite right but still a leap further forward. Next step, push rods in and rocker cover bolted down…..
  2. Hi Gents thank you so much for your guidance and information, really helpful and extremely interesting! It’s lovely to find something like this with a bit of history!
  3. Hi All. I thought I would share this lovely piece of history. This is an original Matchless G3L drivers handbook but inside of the front cover it has stamped “9 Airborne, Anti-tank bty, Royal Artillery” and then Subsequently the owners name and registration number? I have tried to do some research but some of the abbreviations are stumping me. Your expertise are most welcome!
  4. Thanks Lex! I shall keep the oil feed pipe one piece for now it’s easy enough to cut it if/when required. I cant quiet believe how much heavy the G3 is starting to feel in comparison to the G3L……The G3 is a lovely looking bike though! I’ve decided to replace the later period alloy push rods with the period steel ones so I cannot get the rocker box on properly for the next few days so a little bit of downtime before forging forwards again.
  5. Sorry all for the radio silence, the last month has been super busy with work etc… Ron I was of under the impression that some of the early panel tanks Matchless G3’s had a single piece rocker oil feed pipe, but I may be totally wrong!🙈 With a few spare hours I have picked up the spanner’s again to get some more tasks completed on the G3. The timing side of the engine is now completed with the drive side just a little way behind with the clutch now finally fitted with the correct bearing race. The primary casing band is a pig of a job to get right and what makes its harder is I think my band is to narrow. With most of the engine together I have now started to look at the exhaust, more specifically the fitting of it, being reproduction I wanted to ensure it fits correctly before making the brackets and painting it all up. With most of the time consuming jobs now completed it won’t be long until I start on restoring the tank. That then paves the way to finish the electrics and enjoy!
  6. Baby steps forward, more oil lines made and fitted. I have adopted the earlier single piece rocker oil feed……should probably paint it silver now 🤔 We will soon be on that race track Ron!
  7. Hi Ron. I believe that post came from Lex 😉 I have fitted a speedo with trip meter to my project, at the time I was unsure of colour so painted it Khaki.
  8. With a spare day I managed to inch forward with the build. The lightly restored saddle cover is now fitted and most cables now made/laid include the speedo connections. Finally I have found a lower timing sprocket and chain which is slowly allowing me to finish the engine. I shall shortly be looking to make/connect the last of the oil lines, including the rocker feed. It appears that all the oil/fuel pipe connections are BSP threads of various sizes, does that sound correct!
  9. A few more bits on order, hoping to get the primary side back together in the next week of so. A few other bits and pieces done but progress has slowed up since I started marathon training 😬 A small anorak question, what size/ thread are the carb control cable adjuster nuts? They seem quite Peculiar to me…..
  10. Thanks Ron. I am reliably informed that they are different depths for chain alignment. The mag sprocket is .576” and the cam sprocket .62” Best measure my existing to see what I have……
  11. Thank you Ron! So I have the dynamo sprocket correct, I just need to check if the sprocket I have fitted to the magneto is correct or whether it’s the lower timing sprocket…..
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