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  1. That’s Chris. I have now ordered a set of replacement valve stems, just to be belt and braces. I have decided to give it a go myself, nothing like learning in the job 🙈 My aim this weekend is to ream the small end bush so I can fit the piston and barrel. A few more hurdles but it’s all part of the challange!
  2. Thanks Ron, I am not going to take any chances, I will replace both of them. I am just considering doing it myself or sending it to the shop 🤔
  3. Hi gents. I think I know the answer to this, but how much play should there be in the valve guides/valves? I think my exhaust value is a bit sloppy and I am considering replacing the value guide. Is it a fairly straight forward operation to conduct?
  4. Thank you Jan, I am getting there slowly but surely.
  5. As promised, an update on the build....... The barrel has now come back after boring and I treated myself to some more vapour blasting including cleaning up the head. I have run with the G3L rocker box as it’s tuck up under the tank but I still have the blind bushes to drift out (watch this space). Forging forward many of the control cables are fitted and things are really starting to take shape. I currently am having trouble getting the Gudgeon pin through the new small end bush but once rectify the barrel and piston can be fitted. The next steps are to get the the ba
  6. Thanks gents, much appreciated! Free coffee and donuts, I’m sold!!
  7. Perfect! Cheers Ron. Out of curiosity has anyone ever ordered from this site? That valve looks like just the job!
  8. Things have been a little slow this week whilst work remains crazy busy. I am slowly buying a few last parts for the engine build but cannot for the life of me find the exhaust value dimensions, I think the head should be approx. 40mm in diameter, but I am not sure of the length, can anyone varify, please?
  9. That’s seams quite excessive Ron, even for a Triumph 😂
  10. Perfect. Thanks Ron. The machinist thought maybe 4 thou but I thought I double check first. I have also provided him with the piston so he can work back front that.
  11. So I have dropped off the last of the engine parts to be vapour blasted and cleaned. The newly refurbed barrel is also being bored to +20 with a NOS piston to be fitted. Remind me gents, what are the figures/tolerances the barrel should be bored to, please?
  12. Looks good Ron, another job well done! I just had to share these photos, yet another gift to myself! I am super happy about finding this little gem. The lense is damaged but I am sure that can be fixed! 🙂
  13. Thanks gents! Really helpful! Ron, more photos to follow shortly 😉
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