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  1. Getting there now Ron! Looking good.
  2. The The photo of the second badge is mine, I am 99.9% sure I removed the badge from an original flea saddle which I later let go with a previous project. The rivets are a little bigger as I replaced them 😉
  3. No problem! Totally agreed, nothing typical about Matchless!
  4. Hi Lex, clock blanking plate taken care of 😉I have also attached some images of both the early and later type Mansfield saddle badge…..
  5. Ron that’s great news! I measured the position of my rear numberplate, it sits approximately 55mm from the base of my mudguard….(the rear guard on my bike is repro) .If you need anything else, give me a shout. Keep us updated on progress!
  6. Morning Ron. I pulled out the old rear mudguard this morning, unfortunately it appears someone has already taken the end section of it, I am sorry. Il get the measurements of the number plate location.
  7. Il drag it out tonight Ron and have a look 👍
  8. Thanks Gents. Yes Lex, the Mansfield saddle/badge is orginal so I shall take some more detailed photos, no problem! Ron my rear guard is repro but I took the measurements from my orginal guard which I still have. I will measure it up and let you know 👍
  9. Just a few last finishing touches but really close now!!
  10. Nice Lex! I just went for the bling of the Lodge plug…..😆
  11. Last few bits now arrived, super chuffed with the inspection lamp 😀
  12. Tom. I hope you are well! Thank you for your kind words. I purchased most of my nuts and bolts from Nooky’s nuts, which can be found online. Spares have been found all over, including eBay and Facebook, persistence pays off! I have box of bits left over so give me a shout if you need anything. I just can’t wait to finish it now!
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