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  1. Cheers Gents! Ron it’s all a bit confusing but slowly getting my head arround it 🙈 I don’t believe I have any of these washers spare but will certainly check for you👍
  2. Cheers Ron Much appreciated! Unfortunately I am rubbish with imperial (brought up on metric 🙈) and without my digital calipers which have just died I am struggling to pinpoint the exact size 🤔
  3. Things are slowly plodding on, a number of steps forward now, new fork spindles and other components received and several fork components ready for prep/paint/fitting..... The forks were completely solid when I purchased the project, missing grease nipples meant the spindles where exposure to the elements. may I ask, does anyone know the grease nipple thread size, please? And also the fork spindle nut size? Many thanks!
  4. Hi All. Progress has been a little slow this week with bad weather and a hectic work life. Whilst cleaning some of the parts off, under many layers of paint a lot of the bike was painted almost white.......I thought at first glance maybe a desert finish but it’s more grey than that?.......
  5. Hi All. After recently completing my James ML restoration idle hands set in again. I said to myself no more projects, but after the opportunity of an early Matchless G3 panel tank came up I just could not resist. I have always had a soft spot for this bike and its fantastic pre war look so when I collected the project a dream came true for me! Quite possibly the trickiest of my restorations to date, I am sure it will be worth it in the end! The pace of this restoration will be a little slower so watch this space!
  6. After being inspired by the ongoing posts on this forum I have decided it’s time to pull my finger out and restore my 1943 James ML. I have owned the bike for close to 8 years now, several projects have overtaken it but it’s time to get this done! when purchased it was very much a barn find machine stored for many years, the great thing about it being untouched for such a long time is the fact it remained so original. With the 8 years I have had to think about this project I have been fortunate to fine some of the few missing parts. I am extremely keen to ensure this is resorted
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