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  1. I will post a video up once I get round to uploading it. I think there was a total of 19 vehicles on the last run on Sunday. Fantastic display.
  2. Banbury steam rally just off the M40, Landrovers and plenty off military vehicles here but no Spitfire.
  3. Seen today on the A127 Basildon.
  4. Its proberly in the same place as my tin of grease (he never did get round to greasing the No Love trailers steering)
  5. Sounds like a plan 2014, gives me time to sort a vehicle out :cool2:
  6. What a weekend, thanks to Jack, Kev and dave and everyone else for a "FANTASTIC" weekend. Still grinning and spent the day telling the family all about it. Looking forward to A&E 2012 Jack :cool2:
  7. We have alot already booked in and the phone hasn't stopped ringing this week with more wanting to come, so looking good for traders.
  8. Sounds good Neil, be nice to see the OT at the show.
  9. Hi Ollie, Be good to see you at the show. Nice to see you have come over to the post war side :-D look forward to seeing the bedford.
  10. Its possible we might have room in the old cow shed, just got to ask the horse that will be using it if it wants to share with you.
  11. All received Mr Becket and you are now booked into the show.
  12. ACH, If you are looking for spares you can try John Morter 01953602581 or mobile 07773066820, or there is Pete Gaine 01189736480.
  13. My Bedford is already "Air over Hydraulic" has a compressor mounted on the n/s and is belt driven, is that not the same on the AFS one :confused:
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