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  1. There is a firm called Ovendens I think that cater for that sort of width.
  2. Why can't you use the same one as last year Neil :???
  3. Do not forget the drill for the hand throttle :cool2:
  4. Here's a link to look at https://www.productiontrax.com/trackpage.php?id=53682
  5. What are the condition of the tracks Jim, and are they compatible with anything else size wise. ?
  6. Thats the one :rofl: sadly I have lost the picture......but it may turn up. :-D
  7. You still got that PINK cushion Simon :cool2:
  8. Is that our Heliops on a school demonstration :rofl:
  9. All these laws...................no wonder it makes people drive illegally (or maybe with exemptions) :???
  10. Could not agree more, but that is the chance them morons take, and yes other people do suffer which is a shame, but there are people who will always do it regardlees of the consequences.
  11. Having read through this thread, I think it is up to the individual that if he/she wants to take a chance on the wording then it is up to them, if they get caught and done then so be it, but how many od our policeman know all the rules there is. Just a thought
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