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  1. I seen 43rd and 53rd divs. Both of which fought near my town. Cool models, well done.
  2. I agree. Restoration or fabrication can look like a hill too big to climb. Good luck.
  3. HT's like these were still in operation as such when 1 of our Apaches ran into powerlines in 2007
  4. Guess I am a young person now..
  5. It is possible to use of the shelve eyelets like you find in supermarkets sometimes. Looks OK on one side and works.
  6. A pity it won't be recoverd. As it was intentionally scuttled instead of sunk with crew its not a war grave. But a historical find none the less.
  7. Its a good thing some scammers are just plain stupid.
  8. You forgot a photo of a band-aid plus tea and cookies from Mom...
  9. And it all started with making a turret...well done Johann.
  10. Love the Folding Bicycle. Could be me on the way to Eindhoven during the commemorations.
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