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  1. Having a car is a good idea. There is a motorway (A73)s nearby but with public transport may be a bit less than ideal. Be there early in the mornoing, it gets busy, especially to park a car. Eindhoven airport is probably best if you can get a flight to there. Amsterdam/Schiphol is a lot further away and I assume busyer (sp?). Camping or hotel may be a option, or maybe a bed and breakfast?
  2. Yes, Normandy ready may mean you'd pay a bit more. A bit like selling a convertible in rainy cold fall/winter or in a sunny springtime. On the other hand more people may want to buy one after Norrmandy because the've seen them driving on the roads or on trailers. Main thing is to not be hasty, take your time to see what's for sale and at what prices.
  3. Do you want to ride it? If so I advise a brooks saddle. A BSA has no middle support which makes is fragile, the Brooks saddle I use have metal bars supporting the saddle from front to back.
  4. Hmm, it translates to what it is, not what the words themselves says. Translated its more a description of what it is or does. Antreibung means propulsion or to propell. Stoff is substance. So it says Propellant- / propelling substance or in short propellant. A bit difficult because I am Dutch but can read German and then translate to English.
  5. Post war. Ww2 ones are dated and have KRAFTSTOFF instead of treibstof. Treibstoff would literally translate to propellant I think. In feuergefahrlig it almost looks like instead of ä it says ö .
  6. I don't think CC's had them. But as you stated installing your own would be a wise thing to do. Jeep bolts might be a bit too lightweight though. Maybe weld some form modern bolts or eyes? Years ago I was nearly run over by a runaway horse trailer that uncoupled itself from a car in a corner. (No, there was no horse in it at the time).
  7. Seen that video too. Goes to show even a manual can contain errors.
  8. I didn't buy it so please don't beat me up. 😅
  9. Curious where it would be held. On that Dutch event site as of now only Vroom vroom race events. Lets see how this pans out...
  10. Haven't heard anything about that. I did love to go to the show and meet up with old friends. But for us mainlanders it would be a hassle coming over since the thing we shan't mention...starting with a B..... I'd like to have a similar show in southern netherlands of North Belgium.
  11. Could there be some sort of governor (speed limiter) somewhere which is stuck in the wrong setting?
  12. Then the government could pay Nick so he can transport them? The UK government could later get payment from Ukraine? (Guess I am thinking to simply here).
  13. 24 new tyres? But it looks great! Hopefully I'll see it at A&E.
  14. Damn, hopefully those *&^%#$# will come to their senses and return it.
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