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  1. Looking good! And I agree, lets hope we can get back to "normal" soon.
  2. Welcome to the forum. I'm sure you'll find some info here.
  3. You do have some nice landscapes in the UK. Her its mainly flat country.
  4. It sure can mate. Take care and look forward to better times.
  5. I agree. I had a identical plate on the WC21 which had been in Swiss service.
  6. I presume you checked there is enough oil in the steering box.
  7. I was informed Peter passed away last Sunday, aged 97. We knew him personally, a nice man and have his memoires which he published 12 years ago. Its called "WW2 and me". He was in action at of the Battle of Den Bosch in support of the 53rd Welsh division. On youtube is a short video of him. Rest in peace Peter and thanks for your part in our freedom.
  8. I have both plain and camo. My camo is a small one. Tall ones I have a few (ww2 and post war). I am 6 foot.
  9. Cool. Nice camo tanksuit. Don't see these often. What size is the suit?
  10. That looks nice. Will you wear this one? If so, does the liner fit you?
  11. I think they might have been a lighter shade of green. But I'd advise just to use as is. If you'd want to get rid of the size marking you could add a camonet with a first aid packet onder it to cover the size.
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