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  1. You could even circumvent it by filming your screen. Not the best quality but still.
  2. Looking good. Just goes to show that you can keep busy on the same vehicle. if you want.
  3. The transporter I presume, not the tank. People might get upset when you use a tank for its intended purpose... OK, I'll get my coat.😳
  4. IIRC WW2 Dodge and GMC windscreen has the same profile.
  5. My brothers M201 had something similar. From memory...It ran until the batterys were discharged after first loosing headlamps. It wasn't charging. I think it was the regulator? The rectangular electricity box of magic tricks...
  6. Enigma

    W&P 2021

    After Brexit I wonder how many exhibitors and traders from the mainland would attend anyway. IIRC we asked and got a refund last year.
  7. If you have any info regarding Sidney you may sent me a message.
  8. Bugger... I meant we didn't in WW1 (Great war).😳
  9. The Dutch didn't fight in WW2 and in 1940 we had 1 (one!) tank which we were testing for practicle usage. A FT17.
  10. I seen 43rd and 53rd divs. Both of which fought near my town. Cool models, well done.
  11. I agree. Restoration or fabrication can look like a hill too big to climb. Good luck.
  12. HT's like these were still in operation as such when 1 of our Apaches ran into powerlines in 2007
  13. Guess I am a young person now..
  14. It is possible to use of the shelve eyelets like you find in supermarkets sometimes. Looks OK on one side and works.
  15. A pity it won't be recoverd. As it was intentionally scuttled instead of sunk with crew its not a war grave. But a historical find none the less.
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