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Morris Commercial gallery

Rick W

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I've posted this photo in various places before but not here, I think. The start of this thread seems a suitable place for it.


This is a wartime picture of one of the original 1935 Mk1 15 cwts with the Clayton Still radiator before the bonnet line was altered.



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I have just discovered the IWM's database, and have spent most of the day online searching for info and pics, its great. More pics with some strange experimental things going on....

2nd Corps at Cherbourg.



Morris Commercial D-Type fitted with 8 wheels.



Another D-Type, this variant a staff car, I do believe these were actually issued.



D-Type GS



D-Type FFW with C Set.


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Morris Commercial Roadless Mark2



Bren mounted on the back of a CS8, 1st battalion Cameron highlanders, Aldershot 1940



Light Aid Depot Bucqouy 1940



Somme 1940



Experimental quad artillery tractor



December 1939, Arras I think, Morris repair workshop.


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Somewhere in there, or maybe it was the Tank museum's photo? Is a Morris fitted as a DF truck. Wooden body with horizontal attena fore and aft. Any idea on dates of those vehicles?

Havent come across that photo, have a rummage around for it Tony.

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