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  1. Welcome home Clay good to see you
  2. Welcome John, dont worry about Rose I think Jack has her under control now ??????
  3. Why not just publish a telephone number for certain areas that people are.based ?
  4. Welcome a very nice collection you have as well
  5. Quite right I thought you were Mark's bitch for the afternoon :cool2::-D
  6. I am pretty sure I thanked you for the pictures. :tup::
  7. I would also like to thank Heliops (Mark) Bernard Graham Germany For their display in the arena of pulling the car apart, goes to show what power the winch has on the WLF. Thank you
  8. Hi All Just got back from MM show after clearing up, I and the Team would like to thank everyone who turned up for what was a great weekend, thanks to Lee for the brilliant photo's and many congratulations to all the winners this year (we do not do the judging ). Highlight this year for me was seeing the flypast of the BBMF Hurricane (Spitfire was cancelled ??) although short it was very emotional and superb to hear it again. Once again thank you to everyone who made the show what it was.
  9. Hi Piet We are there from the Monday so you will get someone to show you in, that will not be a problem. Anytime for you :-D
  10. Looks good.........................have you found THE water tap yet :-D
  11. I do not know, when you apply for them you get the nearest one that is in the area (so to speak) I believe they have 4 to choose from, but they are all fantastic in my opinion. :yay:
  12. Well this all sounds good, apologies for being a bit quiet on here lately but things have been a bit hectic to say the least. Things are now shaping up at MM and we are all looking forward to seeing you all there again this year and the new visitors, it looks like the show will out do itself with over 250 MV's booked in and 60+ traders etc etc etc. I hope you will all enjoy yourselves and keep your heads down when the Spitfire comes across. p.s. The trophies have the correct spelling this year :coffee:
  13. Hi Drew and welcome, how long before you finish the project. ?
  14. Agreed but so loose and open to interpretaion :nono:
  15. I accept and agree with your statement, BUT Rex must have a say, unless of course nothing is said to keeps costs down who knows???, but there is a law somewhere that dictates how mnay WC's must be provide per head (excuse the pun) of visitors etc otherwise the law is being broken.
  16. I agree, but as Rex is in charge of the show he MUST have an input to the facilities being organised, he will know more than HF who and how many 'ish will be turning up etc' so therefore some of the planning must be down to WP.
  17. Hi Bob based in Wateringbury, nice to hear from you.
  18. You have nigh on described Military Mayhem, friendly, limited rules , NO QUADS etc etc etc.
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