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  1. Looking great, crewed both Scorpion and Sabre in Army
  2. There was a QOY Sqn at Cramlington, at the time, D (NH) Sqn, I served twelve years there, we used, Fox, Sabre and Scimitar, as well as other vehicles, they are now C&S Sqn at Fenham Bks Newcastle, with R-Wmik
  3. It's the vehicle's military registration number, AT denotes its an ex RAF Scorpion.
  4. Dimensions of the L37 flash hider
  5. Check this link this is what we wore
  6. With Clansman you don't need a radio set for I/C, you just need a working harness system.
  7. The Light Dragoons at Catterick, have a Sherman gate guard that was a 13/18H vehicle, as they, along with the 15/19H were amalgamated to form the LD, there is a picture on the site somewhere, I'll see if there's a link somewhere
  8. 01DC17 in NI, 1975-76. ""B" Sqn 15/19H.
  9. 13/18 H were a DD regt on D Day. They landed on sword beach, see attached link. http://www.sgtjohnbarnes.com/Memoirs-John-Barnes.pdf
  10. I concur with the idea of it being a CharlieG round next to the 4th abbot picture.
  11. Especially if you use the flash eliminator as a hand hold after a range session.
  12. Esp fpr Alien, NODUFF now replaced by NO PLAY, see below NO PLAY Used to distinguish real from exercise messages, eg accidents, casualties, public relations. “NO PLAY” are to be the first and last words of the text of the message.
  13. Very intersting reading and pictures, nice to hear about tankcrewman who did it for real as i only ever did it in peacetime.
  14. found on another site re-laying of the 17 pounder using the a/t sight Until the beginning of 1942 British anti-tank gunnery used a 'false range', they aimed low and added a few hundred yards depending on the actual range. From the beginning of 1942 they adopted zeroing of anti-tank guns, usually using a tank sized target at 500 yard with the aim point being centre of mass. This meant the actual range could be set on the range drum, part of the drill for coming into action was to prepare a range card for recognisable objects in the zone of fire. They also issued simple tables for
  15. could this be, the tank gun is aimed by using the range scale on the graticle and the a/t gun sight is set by using a range drum of which the sight tube is attached?
  16. Tony, i can remember you, i've sent you my e mail address.

  17. Yes the pub is still there, run by a much older lady, I assume it's still the same person. Bazz
  18. Warcop Ranges had a good amount of M47/M48 tanks delivered for Hards in the last 2-3 years. Saw them whilst on exercise. Bazz.
  19. The Cromwells in Band of Brothers were according to a history I have from A Sqn 15/19 Hussars who were the Armoured Recce regt of 11th Armoured Division. Bazz.
  20. Joris, Thanks very much for your reply, very interesting info. Barry.
  21. Jack, I assume by your answer that these troops came ashore via LCI rather than C47. Bazz
  22. Watching a re-run of Bloody Omaha with R Hammond the other day, I noticed that some bods had helmets that were marked like the ones in post #51 but without the badge and also with markings similar to the ones on helmets for the 506 PIR, but both were in a LCI. Barry
  23. Reading the previous re the PPE needed fo using IRR paint makes me wonder about any possible health probs to us old sweats that worked wirth the stuff wearing nowt but shorts and berets.
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