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  1. very good job, looking forward to the completed tank!
  2. resurecting an old thread, do you still have the caprice?
  3. Are there many military police cars activly preserved and shown out there? I am thinking saloon and estate cars not landrovers etc?
  4. Was invited down to Hereford with the Impala and display for the Light Infantry Museum open day on the Heritage Saturday, small turnout, but well attended by the public. Enjoy Mark
  5. Took the Impala and small uniform display up to Ryhope again, small show, freindly folk, wonderful! (pity the weather on the Sunday was a bit damp!) Anyway folks, enjoy Mark
  6. yep!! downside being next to the arena I suppose! Brilliant show though, really enjoyed it and hope to be back next year!
  7. I assume I am booked in as I have got a directions email.....so lol!!!
  8. I think I booked in, camt remember! lol! are there passes being sent out?
  9. oops looks like I put this in the wrong place!!! (admin can you move it please?)
  10. Took the Impala and a small uniform display down to RAF Bentwaters Cold War Museum for their Anglo-American day, was well worth the 4am start from Stoke on Trent!
  11. Ok, I assume you only recently aquired it? If so have you got a reciept as to when you bought it? you need to download a cform from hmrc, and give them as much info as you can, that is what I did
  12. had to get a nova form for my impala, is the munga registered or is it first time?
  13. OH MY GOD!!! were is the like button?!!!!! I cant wait to see the finished vehicle, such unbelevaible work!!!
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