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  1. No, it was 100% military, interesting site though.
  2. Hi folks, this picture appeared on a police car feed on f/b. A couple of questions, anybody know where it was taken? Anybody seen any more pictures of Morris 1000 traveller's with either the MOD Police, or with any of the constabulary that were merged to make the MOD Police? (Air Ministry Constabulary, War Department Constabulary and Admiralty Constabulary) Finally, anybody know of a ex Military 1000 Traveler for sale? Regards Mark
  3. Hi folks, just a quick one, can anybody remember a few years ago, possibly 10 years, a website test had photos of mainly British soft skin vehicles, from pre WWII to present day? If so, has anybody got the link, or gas it disappeared? Regards Mark
  4. Thanks for your replies folks, just heard off the chap who restored it, he used RAL 6017, so at least I have a code now!!
  5. Hi folks, looking for matching the paint on my new toy, the P4, been told it is otan green. If so, what is the best source please?
  6. Hi there, let me introduce you all to my latest purchase, a Peugeot P4 that I intend to mark up as a Gendarmerie vehicle. I am calling her Jean, both as a nod to the French chap I bought her off, and as a memorial to my late mum. Coincidentally I used to own a Austin Gipsy L4P fire engine with a registration that started BCV!
  7. I know this was last year, but did it sell? And is it road registered?
  8. Will get to the bottom of it, probably only going yo be a tiny thing, but, so frustrating!!!
  9. Ran the engine at high revs for over 5 mins, stick didn't move at all. Checked all pipes etc, clear. Valve rattles when shook, so working. Removed the oil filter cap, no noticeable exhaust smell etc.
  10. I asked a friend to check his mutts dipstick. He said that it was not as loose as my mutts one, and he sent me a picture of the stick itself. The end of the hard rubber bung, for want of a better word, is more or less parallel in its entire width, mine tapers off towards the end. Mine is the top 1. Also, I can hold the rubber part, and easily spin the metal parts
  11. OK, no exhaust fumes and loud puffing heard. Will check dip stick with engine running.
  12. Opinions please, is this dip stick too loose? 20220725_130213.mp4
  13. Another issue i have is that after a run, the dip stick has been pushed up out of the tube, there by loosing oil. Apart from checking crank case breather tube for possible blockage, causing pressure build up, should the dip stick move freely out of the tube?
  14. Probably a strange question, but roughly a year ago a S.A. built CJ6 Jeep was offered for sale on, I think, ebay, somewhere in Cheshire. According to DVLA it is not taxed at the moment. Does anybody on here know if it is still stored somewhere.? Older picture I found on the net.
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