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  1. It was the Greendot 319 video which lead me to ask the question!
  2. In the process of rebuilding the T84 gearbox on the jeep. I'm replacing the Synchro Blocking Rings and received some TAS manufactured ones in the post. I did see something online about there being an issue with poor manufacture of these due to not sitting tightly on the input shaft. Has anyone come across this. I'm waiting on a new input shaft as well which hasn't arrived as yet, hence the question!
  3. Thanks both. I've decided to opt for a new input shaft, the teeth on mine are a bit worn, so in for a penny, in for a pound.
  4. Next on the list. I need to replace the input shaft bearing on the transmission. Snap ring is off. Have tried gently tapping the bearing from the rear but the bearing is not shifting. Is it just a question of liberally spraying it with penetrating oil and trying to tap it off. Anyone else had to replace it? Any tips or tricks? TIA
  5. Yes the screw which holds the pin in place does have a square head. I had to resort to drilling out the shifter pivot pin. I say shifter pivot pin, but it had been replaced in the past by a solid metal rod and there was no way it was going to drift out. 14 drill bits and 3 hours later.
  6. OK thanks for that. I assume from that it knocks out , I presume it goes all the way through and knocks out from the back to the front of the jeep. In which case I assume you need to drop the transfer box down to knock it out?
  7. In the last stages of removing the transfer box from my GPW. Now to drop the transfer box out I need to remove both the small shifters for the Hi/Lo and 4WD. In order to do that I need to get the pin out that holds the bar in place which the shifters attach to. What sort of pin is it, apart from being Bl***y awkward to get to. Is it a hex screw, slot,cross type? Any pointers gratefully received.
  8. Blimey! That's unexpected. I frequent the local auctions and it never ceases to amaze me as almost every week there are some WW1 medals, usually from distant relatives of the person they were issued to. A Death Plaque recently, still in the box with documents etc. I knew the bloke who bought it in and asked why he was selling it, apparently it was an uncle of his who he never knew thats why he was selling it. I would love to get hold of my Great Grandfathers medals and war plaque but no-one has ever seen them.
  9. Well there is certainly one man who will never be forgotten. It was great doing some research on him, especially with the online help of others as well who were interested in the fact that a gravestone of a WW1 soldier was up for sale at the local auction. Perhaps we should have a section on here to help others/assist in research? I love doing this sort of thing.
  10. Im sure some pics have been posted on the Morris Commercial gallery I started years ago.
  11. I picked up a box of old radio valves the other week, I have no idea what they fit, but if anyone is after any specific part numbers I would like to find homes for them.
  12. I like this sort of research! Will see what I can find out.:-)
  13. That looks great! Where did you find it? i still have some steering box parts and linkages knocking around in the garage if they are of any use.
  14. Yes, but, they do have 4 wheels! At first glance it looks similar.:readpaper:
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