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  1. Looking great, crewed both Scorpion and Sabre in Army
  2. There was a QOY Sqn at Cramlington, at the time, D (NH) Sqn, I served twelve years there, we used, Fox, Sabre and Scimitar, as well as other vehicles, they are now C&S Sqn at Fenham Bks Newcastle, with R-Wmik
  3. It's the vehicle's military registration number, AT denotes its an ex RAF Scorpion.
  4. Dimensions of the L37 flash hider
  5. Check this link this is what we wore
  6. With Clansman you don't need a radio set for I/C, you just need a working harness system.
  7. Bazz

    CVR(W) Fox

    Have fun with it, do you have any history, served on them in The Regular Army and Territorial Army.Me second from left, approx 1990.
  8. Bazz

    CVR(W) Fox

    Good luck with it, do you have any history of it, served on them in both the Regular Army and Territorial Army.me second from left approx 1990
  9. Bazz

    CVR(W) Fox

    Thank you for your replies.
  10. Bazz

    CVR(W) Fox

    I assume no one knows, never mind I tried.
  11. I'm currently helping to restore/rebuild a CVR(W) Fox, I'm in need of a drivers instrument and switch panel. The current one fitted has a damaged multi pin socket, 3 u/s switches, and the fuse holder has degraded and is now starting to fall to pieces, so thought easier to replace then repair, if anyone has any idea where I can get one, or point me in the right direction I'd be greatly appreciative.
  12. I served on Sabre, normal dress on exercise was full combats and when mounted crewman helmets. When dismounted, again full combats,Mk 6 ballistic helmet and wearing webbing. Bergan that was used to hold personnal kit was of the Other Arms Pattern, commonly referred to as a turtle pack.The Bergan was stored either in the rear turret bin or the rear hull bin, along with the roll mat and sleeping bag. The webbing was normally wrapped round the turret hatches for the turret crew and round the smoke grenade dischargers on the commanders side for the driver. We were issued with L85A1 rifle issued with iron sights, as an aside as we no longer had a GPMG which we could dismount, if possible I would sign out a L86A1 which could be used in an OP or carried on a foot patrol/recce for a bit more firepower. The kit above was what we were issued to wear, however as per normal, bits of civvy or other bits of kit were added, I for example wore a DPM Barbour waxed jacket, as the issued waterproof were pretty useless until we got Goretex.
  13. The Light Dragoons at Catterick, have a Sherman gate guard that was a 13/18H vehicle, as they, along with the 15/19H were amalgamated to form the LD, there is a picture on the site somewhere, I'll see if there's a link somewhere
  14. Ref entry 5 LAD 15/19H, I was in 15/19H at the time and we were stationed at Alanbrooke Barracks in Paderborn, will try and see if I can scource any in service pictures.
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