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  1. This thread has got me thinking, I have not seen my dad's swagger stick from his time in the RA for some years, I remember it was painted black and the paint was flaking off, I cannot remember whether the silver cap was engraved or embossed, I must have a look for it, I am pretty sure it must be somewhere in the house
  2. A non-conductive centre carbon in the distributor cap is always on my check list as I was scratching my head over a non-starting Rover V8 many years ago, it took me hours to find it and minutes to make a temporary fix to get me going.
  3. Here is a starting point for you. https://www.youtube.com/@MrHewes/community
  4. I don't think Citroman was suggesting you had anything to do with that welding.......but my god that was a terrible way to stick metal together, the welder I used to work with would say of it "wouldn't hold small coal". An interesting project!
  5. Oiler = jewelry, as I used to call the brasswork on projects I worked onπŸ™‚ Such satisfying parts to scratch build, lovely job as always.
  6. It is a long time ago and I worked with a lot of rubber companies on various military projects, including overboots for germ warfare, flexible bulk fuel storage bladders and hovercraft skirts, maybe one of these companies will ring a bell? BTR, Butyl products, Avon industrial polymers.
  7. I worked on the design of those butyl covers, and made the hot bonding machines to assemble them. I seem to recall that the final version had the vehicle driven onto a sheet of butyl, a tubular frame, sort of large conduit, with a slot in the top was assembled around it, the bottom sheet was pushed into the slot all around. The cover had a tube formed around the base that was also pushed into the slot then inflated, this sealed it all up, the cover was then vacuumed down around the vehicle.
  8. It has been said many times in the thread, Ad Block Plus is the answer for computer users, (I cannot comment for phones). It stops adverts everywhere, that includes YT. I am a chrome user, in the top right corner just below the close window cross you should see what looks like a jigsaw puzzle piece, click it and go to manage extensions, type in adblock plus, install and wave goodbye to adverts. It will take a little time to tune itself.
  9. Thanks for such a detailed update, hat off to you for the amazing way that you went about the job, I look forward to seeing more progress.
  10. I find it interesting that the orientation of the small hole is different between the three so my first thought of drain hole is out, but I can see why you are struggling to understand it.
  11. I have linked to Lord Muck before, lots of nice Matador action in this one.
  12. Way back in the 1960's my father was an icecream man, one day whilst driving down the Zig Zag, (Boxhill, Surrey now famous as part of the olympic cycle road race) he was stopped whilst scenes for a war film were under way, he sold a few ice creams while he was waiting πŸ™‚. I just looked it up.
  13. A day will come where you tow the trailor to a show, people will probably look at it and think "nice trailor" what they will not know is the amount of time and effort you have put in to get it back on the road to get it there. I take my hat off to you, that is a real labour of love. PS I wish my welds looked like yours!
  14. I cannot find anything with a mounted quad but does this Praga look something like?
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