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  1. I do remember it, I was interested as I used to drive one of these as a works delivery van at one time, Dorking in Surrey to Leyland Lancs and back in a day was epic.... I am sure it was the start of my deafness
  2. This is the pump that was pulled out from under a pile of scrap and rotten timber when clearing out my deceased uncles garages, it is my son selling it. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/115001065148?hash=item1ac698febc:g:zXwAAOSw3ihhSIgw
  3. 🙂I learnt that retirement would not be a problem as long as I had my workshop and all my tools.... so I retired🙂
  4. The fact that one of your rollers cracked suggests that they are Glass hard, should they be tempered back? Enjoying what you do, always looking forward to the next instalment.
  5. The AJS has found a new home!
  6. These dimensions are useful for me too, I am scaling my pioneer from any photo's I can find, I have a similar picture of my build to the one above
  7. This has to be something to do with the problem loading pages a couple of days ago, something has been reset.
  8. I have now managed to bring together all the AJS parts I can find, I will attach photo's below. The only major piece that did not appear was the gearbox, who knows what happened to that! Any other help with ident would be welcome, where would I find frame number if that would help? I am going to sell this, if anyone here is interested let me know, otherwise it will probably end up on ebay.
  9. I am clearing out a garage and have come across a Godiva pump in bits, I have no idea how complete, but here is what I know. The engine is in the carry frame, all manifolds and fuel pump are off but are present, the mag/distributor is fitted. I gave the handle a tug and the engine turned so guessing it is free. I have found the bronze pump parts, a few gauges and various tins in fair condition. Also water tank and I think fuel tank. I have no idea of its value but I need it gone, it is part of the estate of my late uncle which I need to get settled. I have one picture at the moment. If any one is interested in petter, lister and other engines there are a number of those in the garage too.
  10. One of my favourite Trucks, keep the photo's coming please.
  11. Many moons ago I posted on this thread that my uncle had a climax pump, well he died recently and I have the job of sorting out his affairs, I have found most of the tins, water tank and fuel tank. The engine has the magnito fitted, carb and exhaust manifold are off and not yet found but there is so much stuff to go through. I will probably be looking to sell the parts once I sort them out.... that is if I can resist the temptation to get the engine running
  12. Hi chaps, I have been got the job of clearing out a dead relatives garages, I had an idea of some of the things to be found including a motorbike. Sadly like everything else in the place it is in bits but at least the engine appears to be more or less together, it is an AJS 350/500??, not sure that is why I am posting. just 2 photo's today that may be no help at all but anyone recognise it? I am pretty sure the flywheel is from one of the 3 lister engines in bits not the bike
  13. Good to see you are still moving forward, keep us up to date please.
  14. I follow this guys escapades, usually tractors and such but this time around it was about matadors, always a favourite of mine.
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