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  1. Good to see you are still moving forward, keep us up to date please.
  2. I follow this guys escapades, usually tractors and such but this time around it was about matadors, always a favourite of mine.
  3. You may end up having to use a bit of heat for stress relief but going by what you have done so far I don't doubt you will sort it.
  4. I don't comment much but I, like so many, look forward to any updates on this fantastic project.
  5. My son came across this bit of fun, says it is a crow scarer, I have little idea of what it consist of but he says it is for sale. If you have any interest pm me for contact details.
  6. That takes me back, 50 years ago, Guildford tech was the last time and place I used one. But brings up a the thought of where to get access to a shadowgraph should you want to check out your thread.
  7. Mummy was rescued from a dilapidated storage facility that Bensons used in the next village, about 2 miles from me, and last seen 3 or 4 years ago in the small yard half a mile away so fingers crossed she still exists. I think the Bensons showtrac may have been in the same shed as I see that has reappeared in the main yard looking very much the worst for wear.
  8. I am soon to retire and have for years promised myself a Scammell R100, I do not have either the space or the facilities to go full sized so I have "gone ride on/in" . Furlough made me re-think the start date and as I am about to return to work I thought I would post my progress. This will not be to millitary spec but as reused by my local fun fair family, Benson's of Dorking, I have had a fascination for this truck since my school days when I used to watch them being used to nose trailors in and out of the yard.
  9. It may not be traditional but how about WD40 on the hoses, I used it on my old SER 2 rad hoses to make them look nice. Picture of your tanker, brilliant, a very talented lass.
  10. Fantastic work as always, Are you 3D printing your plugs and knobs?
  11. You do know we will need lots of pictures? Oh, and welcome to the forum
  12. May just be me but I cannot get the videos to run, would like to see them though
  13. When i was in the steam engine phase of my life we always refered to the brass and bronze bits as the jewelry, there is some lovely bling there!
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