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  1. Doc

    Karrier WDS

    Yes, that looks like the same building, though the terrace of houses has been lost, along with the factory building in the near distance. As soon as Boris says it's ok, I think I need to take a train ride to Huddersfield and do some exploring. All very interesting...
  2. Doc

    Karrier WDS

    If the building could be protected I would say "Not before time." We've lost too much evidence of our engineering prowess as a nation already. So where is this building in relation to this one: (can no longer remember the origins of this photograph - I likely found it on Google - reproduced for research/educational purposes) I thought I had seen a picture of the stones from the Karrier Motors frieze on the ground. Is this a different building? Does it still stand? Please excuse my ignorance. Thanks Andy
  3. The last instalment of this tale left the workshop body reduced to floor level, surrounded by a plethora of decaying timbers. Today I'll describe the start of the reconstruction. We have tried to salvage as much of the original timber as possible. As built, the workshop body sat on two steel plate reinforced longitudinal timbers, 2½" x 6" x 12' 4" long. After a lot of ringing around we managed to find a sawmill that could supply these and our other requirements in English ash as originally used. The first job was to make these fit onto the chassis, boring clearance holes at regular intervals
  4. Glad you're enjoying the post. I'll have my curator's hat on again later this evening, sorting through the next batch of photographs to accompany a 2nd instalment.
  5. I don't know how people are feeling right now, not able to get out and about. So with time on my hands and to help keep peoples spirits up, I have decided to share some pictures of the restoration of David's workshop body. This first batch of photographs documents the dismantling of the remains. These first two photographs show the body arriving home July 2017. We had spent a day on site bracing the structure to make it fit for the journey. The tarpaulin was an added precaution; we didn't want to risk pieces of rotten timber being blown off, especially on the motorway.
  6. You're quite correct; he's pretty chuffed with the drill. I found this advert today. (was landscape when I took the picture) If anyone knows the whereabouts of one he would be thrilled to hear about it. For more details, there's pictures of the Duxford workshop body earlier in this post. Doc.
  7. Doc

    Karrier WDS

    Indeed. But civilian pattern enclosed cab. Advert is from the June 17th 1919 edition (cover reproduced below). Would this be too early to be a refurbished ex. W^D vehicle?
  8. Doc

    Karrier WDS

    That's a very good question and not one I was able to answer straight away. Then I remembered this advert from Commercial Motor: So yes, seems like they may have done.
  9. Doc

    Karrier WDS

    Stay at home! Stay indoors! It's January, so I've needed little encouragement to heed this advice. Although we now have a condensation-free shed roof, it's still far from warm. My office, on the other hand has a wood burner with a fire on the grate. So I've been studying Karrier lorry photographs and in particular petrol can carriers. Images 1-5 show carriers for three cans, differing in certain details, principally: height of the dividers, and latch bar construction. (1) uniquely shows a hinged latch bar locking over a circular pin. (2) and (4) show a bar twisted at eit
  10. You're very kind. Still looking for Luke and Spencer grinder, 110V Wolf drill and stand, 4-cylinder Austinlite generator. As illustrated earlier in this post. Also looking for a Leyland 36HP inlet manifold for the lorry. Any leads greatly appreciated. Doc
  11. Remember when lock-downs were still a novelty? Well, back in March 2020 this rather delightful little beauty appeared on our favourite on-line auction site. In response to the "Make and Offer" option an offer was made, which was promptly refused. The drill was subsequently bought second bid. A forum stalwart kindly took delivery and when free movement was once again possible (which now seems a distant memory) it made its way up country to Oxfordshire. Finally, after the 2nd lock-down was over, we were able to collect it. So we have a Silver Manufacturing Co. Advance No. 12 dri
  12. Hi. Are these fins copper? If so, perhaps they were wound over hard tubes from strip in the annealed state. Is the fin measurably thinner at the tip compared to the root, or did they start with trapezoid strip, as you would if coiling a rectangular section spring? Similar heat exchanger tubing is still made though with aluminium fins. Take a look online at profins.com Not exactly what you're looking for but interesting read on a freezing cold morning. Andy
  13. Doc

    Karrier WDS

    We joined Dave (S&F) on Boxing Day. No! Not in Kent, in shared experience. The infection rate in Suffolk is now lower than it was in London when London was in tier two so the only logical and responsible thing to do was to thrust Suffolk into tier four. Personally I think Matty Hancock was a bit slipshod colouring in his tier map. When he shaded Essex and Norfolk he went over the lines and rather than rub it out and risk making a mess of it, we got it too. A bit more practice with the crayons when he was a lad and all this could have been avoided. Fortunately, I had the foresight to
  14. My 1920 Austin tractor is all single chamfer "small" Whitworth. Incidentally, I get my nuts and bolts from Trojan Special Fasteners in Birmingham. They'll make exactly what you want, but no good ordering ones and twos; I usually order in multiples of 10 feet as this is the standard length in which the hex bar is supplied. Hope this helps. Andy
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