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  1. Slightly odd question, does anyone know what the Australians have been riding since the 80's?I know they had KLR250's but I've seen hints of KLR650's and even XT600's - although they don't look much like the civvie version to me.
  2. I had long ago stopped commenting on this sort of thread, but there is only so much smugness, arrogance and even downright rudeness a guy can take. Brace yourselves people, this may come as a shock to some of you. Owning a military vehicle does not make you any better, more special or more important than anybody else. You can't decide what members of the public should or should not see at the W&PR because - and here's the clincher - you are members of the public, you just own an ex-military vehicle (or don't)! If you don't want to see civvie vehicles, disguised or otherwise, at a show then organise your own show and tell the owners of them that they are not welcome. That way you can sit in a cloud of your own sense of self importance while you pat yourself on the back for being so immeasurably greater than the rest of the world, who will no doubt stay away in droves. As far as I'm concerned, Rex organises the show, and if he either doesn't care or chooses to ignore it then thats good enough for me and it should be good enough for you. I'm sure he would extend the same courtesy to you and me were we to organise an event (which we won't of course, because it's bloody hard work).
  3. Here's a random one from ebay - various styles are available... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TRIALS-MOTO-X-ENDURO-MOTOR-BIKE-CYCLE-CARRYING-RACK-/150505784698?pt=UK_Motorcycle_Parts&hash=item230ad8057a
  4. I've just won a thing on ebay to hang a motorbike on the back of the truck but realised its 140 miles away and the chap won't post it. It packs away flat (ish), is there anyone in that area who could collect it and bring it to W&P with them?
  5. Thanks folks, I think I've traced what I need via a classic American car restorer - really nice guy by the way.... http://www.customvilleamerican.co.uk/ If you find yourself in a similar situation
  6. Does anyone know if the pitch on an American 3/8" brake union is different to an English one. I'm having a nightmare making brake lines up....
  7. Can anybody tell me where the data plate is on an Armstrong MT500? Trying to find the military reg number?
  8. As my previous. Cheap petrol in the South-East? Not going to happen, the further South you come, the more expensive it gets!
  9. Now that I would love to do, but sadly I don't have a drive - and if I did it'd be full of Chevy! I'm just wondering how to fit a meter to my shower so that you have to pay a couple of quid and feed the cat on the way out to use it....:cool2:
  10. Hythe town (where I live) is about a mile away - Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Iceland and Aldi's all there as well as Fish and Chips, Chinese, Indian, Nepalese and Italian restaurants. The High street is less than a half mile long and there's at least 8 pubs on it although the nearest pub is probably the 'County Members' in Lympne, nice place and does food - that goes for most of the pubs in Hythe.
  11. I've really enjoyed this thread, I tend to make sweeping negative judgements based on little or no information. If I can't do that I like to just invent alarmist and innacurate comments in order to confuse others so it's been great to find out that others wouldn't be as stupid as that....
  12. I understood that the chassis number on my Chev should consist of two letters (indicating place of manufacture), a series of numbers (indicating the date of manufacture) and then two letters (indicating the type of body fitted) Mine, however appears to have one letter, a series of numbers which dont look like a date and then one letter. Here's a photo - to me it reads R10095M Any thoughts people?
  13. Thanks - answered my questions perfectly. Sadly, the 90 is not compliant - they don't know what they're missing out on!
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