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  1. Indeed, surely the rear Signals AOS came out a bit small , I cam live with the size of the Brigade Piron sign Pity but its painted and difficult to modify . Thanks for the comment . Guy
  2. After 7 long years, the engine is running again.. On the mechanical side I still have the brakes to bleed and adjust the handbrake rods . Now for the moment looking to glue a epdm ( rubber) membrane over the roof planks to get the radiobox waterproof. There after the canvas roof cover will come over the rubber membrane to have it a authentic look. 20240619_093035.mp4
  3. What a brilliant restoration, hopefully we will see the combination next September in Holland .
  4. Been fiddling with the wiring and we have ignition , even the engine started on some brake cleaner. Now sorting the lights and the I can start on the fuel system.
  5. Almost there with the restoration of my wireless Morris Commercial C4.
  6. Thanks for the picture Goanna , but the accelerator set up is different on a CS8 . Guy
  7. Hello, someone any idea where the accelerator return spring Nr 45 in the picture is attached to ? In the maintenance manual there is mention about " The throttle is closed by the action of a return spring attached between the top of the bell crank lever and a bracket on the dash framing "
  8. The two generator cabinet panel on there place and fitted with there two locks on the inside of the panel. Now we are waiting for the rubber profile to fit the glass in to there frames.
  9. Adjusting the side generator panel . Preparing for paintwork, but first riveting the fittings on the back side.
  10. Rear generator panel in place and some HQ signals unit numbers in place. The invasion stars painted on the doors and waiting for the radio box frames glass that's on order.
  11. Hello OzH. From the beginning of this project my goal was to get it so original as possible, the aim is high and this don't makes it easy . The lack of well documented information about this type of vehicle don't improve the situation , but now that I slowly see the end of this wireless project I am happy and it was worth the big effort . Guy
  12. Some extra paint work. Almost ready to order the glass for the windows.
  13. The cupboard shelves and side plate on the axillary generator cabinet are painted and on there place, that's a extra bit of interior work that has been done. Rear generator panel still need some sanding before I can start to paint the panel together with the window frames.
  14. The generator cabinet door fit's on the rear of the radiobox, fitted the bottom stays and the top bracket for the locks. You need to unlock the rear panel's with a square key from the inside of the generator cabinet if you want to remove the side panels. First I will paint the inside of the louvres and slides section because it will be very difficult to get some paint on the inside wanes the slides will be fitted.
  15. The sliding part of the window frames are made. Bend 3 metal plates for the opening grip and soldered these on to the frames. Started to look go to fit the generator cabinet covers and to reproduce the bottom fittings , luckily I had some originals to copy.
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