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  1. Mod Edit: thread cleaned up after complaints from another member. NO Politics please!! Further political posts will be removed without notice. Any member not happy with this please message one of the Moderators, we will not enter discussion here. Thank you, HMVF Team.
  2. We check all members before approval that's how we keep the spammers out..
  3. The Forum has evolved a few times over the years and we've had the same complaints everytime. Don't forget it's a free service, the few donations we do receive is a drop in the ocean compared to the true running cost of the forum. Given time members will get use to the new layout, as they have done in the past.
  4. Just a reminder that if anyone would like to comment on Clive's latest or any of his other papers they may do so in this thread.
  5. When using quote tags please make sure they are complete before posting like this
  6. I was told that the insurance value is £240k not sure how true this is though.
  7. Ah that could be it then... the Not to scale Replica there was the Plywood one.. is the Warhorse Tank of all metal construction? It was some of the production crew who first said that one of the tanks was an original, this was also told to the Bunker staff stating that is why it had o have it's own guard..
  8. I believe the War Horse Tank is not full scale?? I can't get any photos to post up due to contractual obligations. As said there was Two Tanks there for the filming at the same time, the Replica & the other one which was Guarded due to it's value & I have been informed by is an Original WW1 Tank.
  9. I have just returned from the Secret Nuclear Bunker in Essex where the filming took place. It has been confirmed that there was definitely two WW1 Tanks there. The replica & the other one which was much larger than the replica but the same type of tank. The "Original Tank" had a 24 hour security guard with it due to it's value, none of the other kit was guarded. If it wasn't the Tank museums WW1 Tank where did it come from??
  10. Just reviving this old thread as we have many more new members since we started the Poll, please take the time to vote. If you don't see your country please let us know & we will add it. If you click on the number of votes for a country then you can see which members live in that country.
  11. They had two there, I was told that one of them was an Original & the other the replica :undecided:
  12. I've been reliably informed that Bovington WW1 tank is one of two that is currently on a BBC Film set in Essex.. The other is a replica, Just seen one of them driving across the fields but from the distance I was at I couldn't tell which one it was.. Will try & get some photos tomorrow.. I only got sight of one of the 2 Tanks on set there & I could be wrong about it being the Bovy Tank but there was a Tank Museum sign written vehicle there.. The Filming is for 3 episode WW1 drama based on true stories from a British Soldiers diary for BBC Factuals. When I was contacted f
  13. Military Connectors are available from RS if you have the cash.. http://uk.rs-online.com/web/c/?searchTerm=military+connector&sra=oss&r=t#
  14. Nope, different.. Mine also has a mounting plate fixed to it.. will try & get a photo tomorrow
  15. Just looked on Xmod http://www.thexmod.com/search.asp?search=computer&t=1 & can't see any power leads relating to the LX1 SSP? not sure what that means?
  16. Are you sure you have ordered the correct lead?? last person I know who ordered one from Xmod for an LX1 got the wrong lead.. it's not a standard size socket.. Others have just swapped the socket on the LX1 for a standard Clansman socket & used a Clansman plug & lead.. I have a LX1 & a Ptarmigan printer for sale if anyone interested
  17. Oops! http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=ffc_1386682280
  18. If it's too big to upload to the forum email it to me lee@hmvf.co.uk & I will upload it to the forum for you..
  19. Update: Please find the only picture of my Jeep taken since its respray taken at my mates wedding about 2 weeks ago .The white ribbon was not on the Jeep when stolen or the escort vehicle sign. The chassis no is GPW 24648 Just to confirm ,its a hotchkiss body ,24volt etc on a Ford chassis. The numbers on the side of the bonnet are, 20248617 with a invasion star on the middle of the bonnet. Thanks again for all your help , Regards Adrian.
  20. Just got of the phone to Adrian Scott, his Hotchkiss Jeep which is in WW2 guise has been stolen from his property in East Grinstead, they went to great lengths to take it, removing neighbors fences & hedges in the process. Adrian will be providing full details later but here what I have so far. 24 Volt Electrics. Hotchkiss Body on a Ford Chassis. Freshly Painted. Star & numbers on Bonnet. The bumper has the incorrect type of wood inserted, the wood in this jeep is an orangy hardwood which should stand out if it hasn't already been changed. On the dash the light & ignit
  21. Certainly a wake up call for anyone thinking of taking an Amphibious Military Vehicle to water.
  22. CET on a lowloader on the M11 yesterday near Harlow heading towards M25.. anyone just bought one from Withams??
  23. Yes a very detailed report.. may add that one to the reference documents board..
  24. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-22951824 Photo Courtesy BBC News.
  25. Here's a report on the sinking of a Passenger Tour Stalwart & DUKW.. gives an insight how mechanical failure due to lack of maintenance (Stalwart) & Human error (DUKW) can sink these vehicles.. in the case of the DUKW in the report with fatal results.. Stalwart & DUKW Sinking.pdf
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