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  1. rosie

    Welcome back!

    Blimey you go away for a while and when you get back all the furniture has been moved round! Will take a while to get used to, but yeah I like it. Well done Joris xxx
  2. Deposit paid to. Not sure what to take yet. GMC or out new purchase (1942 studebaker president! )
  3. The cubed one has just called. He's trying to get the SOE teams FH70 working in time for Overlord this weekend. He has this question- How do you engage drive to the main wheels on the FH70? Apparently the prop shaft turns but the wheels don't! Answers asap please 😍😍😍😍
  4. Mrs G506 quite proudly showed me this today! Good find 😊
  5. Woooohoooo!!!!!!! Congrats. See you on Saturday maybe? X
  6. Currently a spitfire giving us a beautiful display over Hayling Island.
  7. Ok cheers John. Oh by the way have you got a spare £???,??? I could have as well?
  8. Cor blimey guvnor I'd be well chuffed if I knew he'd bought them for me!!!!!!
  9. Wonder where they're going then?????!
  10. Not a vehicle but still military, well sort off Well they're camo.........
  11. Green goddess heading west bound on A27 at Portsmouth
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