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    wine, chocolate and brandy- in that order! http://www.solentoverlord.co.uk/blog/
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  1. rosie

    Welcome back!

    Blimey you go away for a while and when you get back all the furniture has been moved round! Will take a while to get used to, but yeah I like it. Well done Joris xxx
  2. Deposit paid to. Not sure what to take yet. GMC or out new purchase (1942 studebaker president! )
  3. The cubed one has just called. He's trying to get the SOE teams FH70 working in time for Overlord this weekend. He has this question- How do you engage drive to the main wheels on the FH70? Apparently the prop shaft turns but the wheels don't! Answers asap please 😍😍😍😍
  4. OK folks. The cubed one has found a Cummins exhaust manifold. The only problem is that it's in Stourbridge!!!! Apparently the chap lives near to Jnct 3 and 4 of M5. Anyone on here live near by who wouldn't mind picking it up and keep hold of it/bring it to a show for us? Please pm me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  5. And we enjoyed your visit. I need to send you a photo. I won a photo shoot and choose my helmet as a prop!! 😁
  6. Sooooooo looking forward to it x
  7. Awww bless you!!! Sorry Degs We are just busy Bees! !! Everyone is well thanks xxxx yes we shall be there this year Thanks TB xxxxx
  8. Hiya everyone!!!! Not been in here for ages, sorry for neglecting you all. The cubes are still going strong and have been out and about. The boys are huge. Eldest (Jack) is at college doing uniformed public services-training for the training to join up. Youngest (George) at school still and doing well Both boys tower over me now! We still have the GMC-slightly modified!!! The 105mm But have ditched the massive mobile mansion for a tatty caravan!!!! Anyway missed you all and hope you've been on your best behaviour
  9. Omg what a weekend!!! The A&E grin is back!!! Massive thanks to everyone who helped make this the best one yet!!!! Here's to A&E number 4 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
  10. I guess the cubemeister was there with his tools to!!! At least it keeps them out the pub!
  11. The cubemeister is there along with Olaf
  12. I wish. Boss ladies can't pull sickies
  13. Yup I'm all 4x4'd up and ready to go. Just watch for the caravan behind me!!! Can't believe the cubedmeister is leaving tomorrow morning. I've still got a long day followed by a day learning about speech and language to go before I can set off
  14. We will be there 😊😊
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