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  1. Hi Richard Sorry to be a pest . How did you machine the recessed valve section in the piston ? I have saved the 3D drawing for future reference !
  2. Nice work ! Did you have a original pump on loan to copy ?
  3. This was for sale in Australia for around 5K UK Pounds a few years ago. It was imported from the UK in 1976 by a MV enthusiast. I had the pleasure of driving it a few times.
  4. The drawings https://recordsearch.naa.gov.au/SearchNRetrieve/Interface/ViewImage.aspx?B=364517
  5. Nice work. These things can take some thinking out..nice work on the lathe
  6. Excellent work. Is the lid for the filter a casting ? If so what is the material ?
  7. Very nice work ! I need this type of information for my CS8 water tank project but I don't know where or how the Morris differs to the Bedford when it comes to the details .
  8. Hi Mike Cecil wrote a short article on the 1200 odd Australian issued US6 trucks. Have you seen the article ? The army reserve here used US6 til 1971 at least
  9. Hi Have you seen this movie ? Interesting scenes with a MWC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JN2XU2vsiws
  10. Found a soldiers name and service number scratched into the instrument panel of my 1940 Canadian C8 Chev. JS Hunter VX65738...... did some searching and found the chap was still alive , this was around 1993, and living up near Ballarat. He was a tank gunner in the 2/4 armoured regiment and was wounded in action on Bougainville while in a Matilda tank. Anyway I wrote him a letter, he replied saying he doesn't recall the truck or his act of vandalism !
  11. Ok some pics . There is more stuff . The canvas cover and the wooden shipping box .
  12. Hi back in 1980 I bought a NOS Canadian chorehorse in the original ww2 shipping crate. The chorehorse itself is a matt medium green. The spares box is matt brown The paint is matt flat without any shine . The kit includes tools and a can of oil ... real ww2 oil . Canvas cover too. The Maple leaf decal is on the chorehorse and spares box... spares include ammeter ig. Coil . Can post pics if your interested
  13. hi Paul I had a T112 for many years , a 46 model, my daily driver car . They normally had a Australian built TJ Richards built body . The earlier military ones , 1942, used by the Australian army had a separate cab like yours but mine had an integral cab rear body like most aussie utes. Yours appears to have a Adelaide built TJ Richards built cab because it has the quarter vent windows in the doors. Is it RHD ? cant tell from the pic. Is it a import from Nth America ?
  14. The present Japanese owner posts on the Facebook Morris six cylinder CS8 PU page . The vehicle currently has leaky brake wheel cylinders, he is trying to repair things but I think he has limited mechanical knowledge . I steered him to Champ Spares ? who I think had some brake bits . Mike
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