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  1. goanna


    CCKW as a log hauler in Queensland 1951. The army were still using these in 1951 but a few must have been released and sold through the Disposals Commission. State Library QLD photo. https://collections.slq.qld.gov.au/viewer/IE1020948
  2. This Ant was restored in New Zealand back in the 1980s , a small number of these Ants were shipped to New Zealand for the NZ army. The restorer was telling me: he had tracked down the chap who had purchased the Ant spare parts in a 1946 disposals sale. A back yard shed contained brand new brake drums, even a new engine block . All in their original wooden crates with GUY Motors marked on the crates ! The Ant was offered to me for a very reasonable price but the cost of shipping it over the Tasman Sea .... put me off.
  3. Another two pics from the Dutch photo archive . https://beeldbank.nimh.nl/foto-s/detail/901f73e8-0b4e-ebc0-2f8f-db97634ccb57/media/89014012-a58e-1d2e-4941-a9fcf5829d80?mode=detail&view=horizontal&q=Standard&rows=1&page=23&fq[]=search_s_mediatype:"Foto's"
  4. Found this pic in a Dutch photo archive. https://beeldbank.nimh.nl/foto-s/detail/130f65f1-c814-7867-622e-2dfb9f383807/media/c3e348cf-82fa-b427-9300-ad7d9564f238?mode=detail&view=horizontal&q=dodge&rows=1&page=1&fq[]=search_s_mediatype:"Foto's"
  5. PU8 in Holland, 1947 and a D type https://beeldbank.nimh.nl/foto-s/detail/82b10ec4-eb18-11df-a391-13966e870614/media/ffd0f901-0c6c-4794-adf9-6926e92b8887?mode=detail&view=horizontal&q=Morris&rows=1&page=5&fq[]=search_s_mediatype:"Foto's" https://beeldbank.nimh.nl/foto-s/detail/45e001c0-4551-c533-6ea0-0be29437538d/media/a80527b8-5ac6-3381-9e4e-c34893bedf35?mode=detail&view=horizontal&q=Morris&rows=1&page=16&fq[]=search_s_mediatype:"Foto's" Not Morris Austin ? https://beeldbank.nimh.nl/foto-s/detail/39d2b2f2-eb18-11df-a391-13966e870614/media/d671a1c4-afb9-d77e-c16f-3670a98ecf59?mode=detail&view=horizontal&q=truck&rows=1&page=89&fq[]=search_s_mediatype:"Foto's"
  6. Bedford utility vehicles with GM-H made bodywork. These little cars were assembled by GM-H for essential civilian users i.e. farmers.
  7. Another Aust. scene. The Bedfords were assembled by GM-H at Fishermen's Bend, Melbourne. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ffq_el3SpjLWeZfkZVeHm6lQ2fIp06wZ/view The Hudson bomber A16-14 history: http://www.adf-gallery.com.au/index.php?/category/hudson-a16-14 Rec 1AD ex USA 07/02/40. Issued to 8Sqn RAAF 04/08/40. Served with 8 Sqn. Coded NN-R. Accident, 1028GMT hrs 23/07/41 when crash landed gear down on beach and flipped, 75 kms on the beach, north of Kuatan, Malaya.Crew was P/O C M D Browne , Sgt A T Norton Serv# 407516, LAC A W Brown Serv#12359 and LAC D C Devlin Serv# 4230. SOC 23/07/41.
  8. This was a booklet published for the BFs The vehicle the artist has used appears to be a MW or similar. I hope the link works OK. The book may be a Aust. reprint of a UK publication. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UoD-k9KECzMMwmuokpJv-Mrzkq7pBqUs/view
  9. They all look the same to me ! The Norton was sold to a business Linroe Ltd ? The Army Registration Number books can be confusing, because there were two different registration systems in use concurrently. 1. The AIF was a volunteer force that was able to serve overseas. The AIF vehicle reg. numbers have a prefix: M for staff car, and L for Lorry and V for Van ( G.S. light truck) 2. The AMF was made up of militia and conscripts , in theory, only able to serve within Australian territories which included Papua New Guinea. . The AMF vehicle reg, numbers have a prefix red C Some units transferred from the AMF to the AIF . A few of the vehicles listed have notes indicating they have been transferred to or from the AIF and a new reg. number was issued.
  10. Another. A Norton... I looked up the Army Reg. number .....engine nr. W12182
  11. Not sure of the brand or locations of the bikes here ! Pic. 1 appears to be Air Force. Side car pics dated 1915: Army National Reserve despatch riders The last pic looks like a militia unit and the bikes are civilian owned and are being used on the weekend militia camp. Description: .Photograph of six motorbike riders, possibly Military Police from the 3rd Light Horse Regiment during the camp at the Mount Gambier Racecourse in 1941.
  12. not sure if these are all QLB pics ? There are more pics of various trucks but the descriptions are not detailed !
  13. Ah OK the winch , of course. The South Aust. library hosts the GM-H archives, this is where I found these pics. The Aust. delivered QLB trucks are listed in the AWM126 books.
  14. Pic 1 . Caption says Palestine Militia with a Velocette ?
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