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  1. Jack

    W&P 2021

    I find this absolutely pathetic and a condescending response. What the T&Cs of Hop Farm (their service provider) is totally irrelevant to you as a customer of the W&PR Show. That response to me sounds like the policy is a holding strategy to keep hold of other people's money. They do not help themselves at all - they have lost a lot of goodwill over the years and if this is how little they feel about their customers, the show ever does return it will be size of the original rally as no one will attend.
  2. Jack

    W&P 2021

    That's very very outrageous - is this actually legal, to refuse a customer a refund? I would be very surprised to see the show return. It's hay day has been and gone and so much bad feeling between the owners and those who attend.
  3. Yeah sorry guys, had an update and it gave us the badges - I thought I had switched it off by obviously now 🙄
  4. OK thanks guys - keep posting any issues here and we will get on it but it goes like this: Hello, I see you have your name servers set to cloudflare, they will need to be changed back to ours to apply SSL on our end, please let us know once they are set to the following. To get started, we will need you to update the nameservers for the domain to: ns1.invisioncic.com ns2.invisioncic.com ns3.invisioncic.com ns4.invisioncic.com This can be done at the site that you used to register the domain name (domain registrar.) If you have any questions about this change or how to carry it out, please contact the domain registrar for further assistance. Once this change has been made, please let us know and we will proceed with the final configuration on our end. Thank you. Rhett Support and Cloud Manager Invision Power Services, Inc. Thank you for your patience 🙂
  5. And just in the nick of time - the forum is fixed! Thanks for your patience guys and have a great weekend!
  6. The tech guys are working on it and the need to install some further software - hopefully not too long now :-) Cheers! Jack.
  7. Update - it isn't our end it is with the software providers and I have been in touch with Technical Support and will report back as soon as I have a reply 🙂 - in the meantime, to keep you occupied - if you give me your email address I would be happy to send you some of my holiday snaps....
  8. Hi all - thanks for not hitting the bottle 🙂 We are on the case and hope to have it fixed ASAP! Kind regards, Jack.
  9. Nick it's not speculation if it is printed in black & white and thanks for making the call, it's a help in clarification 🙂
  10. Totally agree with you Clive. They can only survive so long on those that see it as a cheap weeks holiday, it lost its charm when the 'new' owners took over. Glad the GDSF have had the sense to make the call now - for me it's the best show in the UK 🙂
  11. Jack

    Welcome back!

    Thanks for your patience while HMVF was 'offline' we were updating the software 🙂 And Happy New Year! Jack.
  12. Thanks and that's my issue - I can't find the exact variant Joe was in.
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