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  1. I am reading "23 Battalion" history of New Zealand in the second world war. This was published in 1959 and is a well writen record of 500+ pages including maps and photos, writen by the men of the 23rd Battalion.
  2. I wonder were that is. do we know how many came to Australia
  3. Just what I need to sell beer out of at Corowa
  4. Martin welcome to the forum. I didn't want to imply that your truck wasn't a working truck but it looks to clean< where the one that I have adopted has been siting at Woomera with no love or attention for years, I have had to repair the hydraulic seals, as due to no use thy have deteriorated. I use the truck at least once a week to do tasks around the museum so my knowledge of safe operating is increasing all the time. We also have a M543 A2 that has a Gen Motors Detroit V6 Diesel, this is getting its brakes overhauled at the moment and will eventually replace the M816 as the museum wre
  5. The boss of the museum was in this week and I tried to convince him that we needed a Diamond T with 45ton rogers trailer, we will see what happens. We nearly had one from the proving ground at Monegeeta, but it went to the engineers museum. Out of all the trucks I have looked at on the forum, the Diamond T with trailer and Yeramba, out the front of the pub is my dream. One day?
  6. There is nothing like a bit of rope and a thew truckies knots or twisting it like a rubber band it just takes time. Fence strainers and some ones fence also works. For armoured vehicles , 2 pieces of chain and a length of wood of a suitable size works by securing the wood to your tracks and then dragging the wood under the vehicle. The vehicle ether drags the wood threw the mud and you stay there or the wood stays where it is and you drive on top. Off course the wood could break, see suitable size.
  7. Thanks for that Andy I have some work to do mine looks like it earns a living.
  8. I see that an M816 won in the heavy vehicle section at War & Peace, doses any one have some photos and can they post them here please
  9. The 816 working for a living During the week I did 2 tows with an a frame and lift and tow of a vehicle that was used on trails. The vehicle is still classified so no pictures, it took me 3 hours to get it out of our grave yard and on display for some officers. I am learning heaps and having a ball Paul Downunder
  10. The engine is a 6 inline 240 brake horsepower Cummins (NHC-250) Paul Downunder
  11. Here are some more photos of the 816 This 816 came from the Woomera Rocket Range where it was used by civiys, it still has all the red dust in it, on it and every where else. it certainly wasn't serviced. The 816 has just gone out of service 1995 being replaced by the Mack in Australia. we also have a M543 A2 the previous model that entered service around 1963, the A2 denotes that it has a Gen Motors Detroit Diesel 6V53 215 HP instead of the standard straight 6. These were issued to cav units as this is the same engine as the M113 family. The Ward La France is circa 1942 were did t
  12. This is probably not the place but here is some from an open day As for series 3 send and I will try to help(I used to own one) but I work in a tank museum. Paul Downunder
  13. I will take so more photos on Tuesday and post them. While I'm here what is the chronology of American Military wreckers i.e WWI to Vietnam M816. If any body wants photos of vehicles in our collection (internal-external or parts I can take them and post here. Paul Downunder
  14. This is my wrecker our I have adopted her, this is my 2 tow job, a 2 pounder carrier under restoration by one of our young troopers. To get the 816 working i.e brakes which are hydraulic over air over hydraulic I looked on forums like this and found the answers so thanks. to pressurize/bleed the hydraulic system I got an oil can, one with a pump and connected a piece of hose. Then I bleed the system as per normal after cleaning the air relief valve. So as I am trying to point out there is more to this forum than chatter so thanks Paul Downunder
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