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  1. It depends on what you mean by history, if you mean the unit it served with your only hope is to find original markings on the front or rear bumpers. I would suggest you join the G503 forum, that's where most of the jeep experts hang out.
  2. I think Richard may be correct with multifuel in which case I'd be looking at vehicles with a K60 engine such as 432 or Abbott but I'm only guessing, there are members on here who have these vehicles so they should be able to help.
  3. The seller is being a bit ambitious with his price in my opinion. For a Hotchkiss to be worth that I would expect it to be immaculate and be fitted with a lot of extras eg 50 cal etc etc
  4. Price will depend on condition and originality and also on the presence of the rare parts which are often missing. If the Weasel is still running on original tracks unless they have been rebuilt I would be very wary about driving it as if a track breaks you will be out of control with neither brakes or steering.New rubber tracks are available from Europe or new excellent original type tracks are available from the US but are prohibitively expensive. A good condition weasel without any of the rare parts would probably start at around £16k running up to about £22k for a well equipped vehicle, these vehicles would all likely be fitted with non standard rubber tracks. Hope this helps and good luck with your search , they are great vehicles and a lot of fun to own.
  5. I was wrong Olaf, I answered you without looking at the pic, it is actually a FWD Har 1. Sorry about that Olaf, for punishment I have awarded myself 100 lines, put brain into gear before applying fingers to keyboard.
  6. Disappointed in you Olaf, I thought you would recognise a Chevy!
  7. Contact Jim Clark at Allied Forces, he is a member on here and can probably help you. From personal experience I can recommend his products. Usual disclaimers.
  8. No, they warp for a pastime and are not worth bothering with unless you can find a British made one. They are easily recognisable as they have strengtheners cast into them but they are very rare. The other alternative is Rex Ward who has had new ones cast.
  9. You are correct Steve, it is a threshing machine driven by an old Fordson Major. Pity they weren't actually demonstrating threshing, always guaranteed to draw a crowd.
  10. No doubt on his way to Llandudno for the vintage vehicle show at the Extravaganza
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