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What were your best bits of 2008?


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As the final days of 2008 draw to a close and with the Press full of doom and gloom, its a good time to reflect on all thats been GOOD about this year - because their has been plenty of it. I will kick things off with a few highlights from our year......


Naturally the biggest highlight of 2008 for us was the arrival of Amelia Charlotte, who can be seen here undertaking a job interview for a rep's position with Birds Custard!



Her she is again, just a few days old showing her Autumn colours.



Route to Victory in Wiltshire was a great weekend in May this year and our convoy routes proved to be exceptionally good fun.





And of course I cant forget July 10th 2008. If you buy this months copy of Aeroplane Magazine the centre spread is a good shot of the B-17 and the Spitfire in formation and I'm on the flight deck!






B-17 owner Don Brooks signs Paul Marriott's original 390th BG history book.





Overflying the original Eighth Air Force bomber base - Debach, Suffolk.



Marinell is airborne for the first time since 1944 - Hardwick Norfolk - July 2008



Ed Abbott (Bolero co-organiser and dispatch rider) ties the knot - August 2008


Its been a busy year and one of many happenings!

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Route to Victory has to be top of the list, closely followed by Wheels & Wings at Elvington, NE Aircraft Museum and Sedgefield Living History Weekend as I managed to drag Bodge and his truck across the country with his truck for these events so we could put our full flying control display together.







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Ups and Downs:


Getting back to reality after months of kneesy does it.


A quick jaunt to the Somme in April.


Viking funeral for the Renault 5 at the Bunker Bash.


Beltring snapping - always good and bad moments. Campire frolics with HMVF crowd. The plank conspiracy.


My neice's wedding - the first in our family for 20 years = quite an occasion.




Rebuilding my house - ten weeks of dusty chaos. Still more to do.


Going To Hong kong.


Waiting for the chop....

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Must say, I enjoyed ALL the events I attended,........for differing reasons, :-D, w&p was made for me, with the meeting of folk from here, up to then I'd only 'spoken' with on threads.............+ the 'nut camp',. :):)

military mayhem, not only because I was awarded an award, for which, Many thanks,........., but that I had the chance to chat with Albert Figg.

An honour I'll not forget...........


Other events,.......well, cause they were fun and (hopfully)folk who were interested went away with more of an idea of what kit of the 40's 'erk felt like, etc.


Looking forward now, to '09 events........:-D


Hope to meet fellow HMVF'ers next year.......


All the best,



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Best thing this year has been the birth of my son Hugo, nothing else comes close.

Second best is the start of the building of our new house, we'll move in somewhere in may / june so a lot to look forward to.


Best show? Santa Fe 2008 was fantastic, can't wait for the next edition.

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Guest catweazle (Banned Member)

Helping to prepare gee for the round britain,and it winning the historic race was the icing on the cake.

Getting Horatia in the historic race start,and pulling away from some of them:shocked:

Managing to get Horatia in the video from the Helicoptor:cool2:coming up soon.:-D

Gee is now stripped out again,oil leaks on the new engines,modern rubbish.

The new rudder stocks,one has failed allready,and the props still not right.

Fresh interest in Beltring due to HMVF,cheers guys,

Bunker bash,Evesham,mayhem:tup::

New friends,again thanks to HMVF.

Only one real downer thats melting the piston,whilst another race boat owner was aboard,oh well worst things happen at sea.

Xmas week is allways a reminder that its one more year survived after the bypass surgery,as i came home that wk.5 yrs ago wheres the time going.

Things to do before we go bankrupt,spend a wk end learning to drive a steam train.Keep thinking of a desert trip.:idea::sweat:cheers cw.

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Guest catweazle (Banned Member)

Well i went in to work today because someone called us on boxing day,yes b/day.wanted enough done to intice me in.the gas bottle ran out,and i thought this

isnt fun any more ,each year its seems to drag on longer.Surprised myself how much i can still do,wish every day was that good,get this ruddy engine finished on the boat.CW.

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Things to do before we go bankrupt,spend a wk end learning to drive a steam train..


CW, forget the weekend - learn a bit of pidgeon Polish and get yourself off to Wolsztyn for a whole week of driving/firing at main line speeds! Cheaper too! The two experiences are worlds apart.


But be prepared to be frowned at by the commuters as they clamber down and walk back to the platform you only just missed... Only a flight in a B17 comes close :)

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The more this icy weather continues the more attractive the desert looks,:sweat: I never used to feel the cold but the old bones just won't take it any more.:-(


******* boilers packed up the fans broken dont get a new one till friday :shake:

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What a year. Like all years so much seems to happen.


Without doubt and quite clearly the high lights have to be:




  • Meeting Degsy, seeing him hanging out the back of his GMC in his pyjamas - 05:30 in the morning at Route to Victory...:sweat:(don't ask, it wasn't pretty).
  • Seeing Jess reading in Adrian's tank through Ramsbury parade.
  • Dining at Lee's Place (not a chinese resturant) at W&P.
  • Drinking at Camp Nuts - W&P.
  • Meeting all the HMVF'ers at W&P.


The most amazing day - flying in a C47 over Normandy with Jess, AFG, Chappers and everyone else - really was something unique.


The proudest day of 2008, err make that my life - being awarded the Bart Vanderveen Sheild at W&P. Being completely stitched up be Snapper, Lee and Ian and Harry - bast*rds all of them! This experience was highly emotional and as sad as it may be something that I think of every day. Very special time in my life. Upset some but was the proud chapter of my life. Still haven't forget what Pat Ware whispered to me........



Lets have more of it in 2009!

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