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  1. Hi I sent a PM with my post code and telephone number. I was just going to put them in the dark box, If someone else has a use for them thats O.K. with me.
  2. Silicates inhibit the corrosion of alloy parts and extend the life of delicate parts. Ethylene Glycol based products it must be remembered have a High Toxicity level. It may be better to go for a HOAT formula for your engine. I think a Phosphate free anti freeze is desirable that inhibites corrosion and electrolysis. Some anti freeze solutions use Propylene Glycol that has a Low Toxicity level but are not quite as good at heat transfer at the same proportions.
  3. Hi That sounds fair to me. How are we going to work this.
  4. Hi, What sort of money are you looking for? Regards John.
  5. I have a few of these in another box.
  6. These vehicles were derived from civi versions, early ones Ford and later ones Renault a lot of parts should be common. Bearing,s will be obtainable from your local bearing supplier, pattern numbers should be etched onto them.
  7. If you have a plastic card licence it has your entitilement codes on the front (9) and the category,s on the reverse plus dates from and to expiry.
  8. AEC engines and cooling problems unfortunatly go together, but not exclusivly for that age of engine builders. Long stroke, wet liners of the day, slow reving and evolving piston and ring technology. This gave many diesel engines a problem with liner erosion caused by several design and material deficency's, Injectors and charge detonation tech was really in its infancy also. Liner wall vibration caused by piston slap and ring stutter amongst other causes, actually causing the coolant to loose contact with the outside of the liner causing hot spots and steam pockets giving poor cooling accentu
  9. I know its more work, but given age and inherant AEC problems with cooling it may be worth checking the timber tractor block for internal debris build up at some point. On older vehicles coolant management becomes a major issue manifesting itself in overheating problems on there show days. Or worse still pourous liners or cylinders.
  10. As long as you and your family are safe and uninjured, you can at least try to find some of the items and keep going.
  11. I only caught part of last nights program, It is well worth watching again when it comes around. His easy laid back style is easy to watch and the people who look after the aircraft took there rightfull place. Then the Aircraft!
  12. A CAV Tool for injector seats. Getting into specialist tool's now.
  13. This information really fleshes out the thread. Apparently there are no records for or by Q.A.I.M.N.S. after 1939 some later records are held at the National Archive.
  14. Thanks for the info, not many Warrior's in civvy hands. I will put it in the not used very often box.
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