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  1. If the exhaust is glowing red check the timing.
  2. Keith at Sleeman Hawkens has come up with the spares, some new and a used starter ring.
  3. A lot of RL,s have been shipped abroad. They are still about but you have to hunt now.
  4. Looking for Lister HL4 starter ring or flywheel
  5. Packing sausage meat into the pastry
  6. Now all sorted thanks for looking
  7. Anyone near Walton on the Naze Essex with access to a tractor unit with a 5th wheel coupling or a tractor with a trailer dolly that could pull a 20 ton hydraulic press built on a step frame trailer out of a yard so that I can get the 2 rear tyres sorted for transporting. All of the rubbish around the front has been moved. I only need it moved about 30 yards into a clear space. Invoice or cash payment.
  8. A selection of remote controls.
  9. I can only speak from modern experience, a 12 month period of not running of a Briggs and Stratton engine with test hours only. On a horizontal band saw, left 1/2 full of E5 petrol. When I came to start it several attempts proved fruitless. So I drained the tank cleaned out the brown gunge in the carburettor, refilled with fresh petrol and second pull off it went. I think the fuel in the tank was separating into layers of its constituent parts. This is just my thoughts and experience of using modern petrol.
  10. I do not know if the light's will serve as a pattern, the two little brackets have a vehicle identification number, 54 KE 36. I think.
  11. A selection of mirrors some unused some have been in action.
  12. While moving stuff I came across these items, first four body clamps from a L/DAF 244
  13. Here are a few more tools and equipment.
  14. When they used beryllium in the mix for brake discs they found the resulting brake dust was poisonous. It's a variation in the toolbox. I would like to bet it would have been better than they had in Staffordshire in 44.
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