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  1. I have just seen a photo of several Mk1 Militant's fitted with rope operated backhoe/face shovel equipment. I wonder if any survive.
  2. I cannot think of anything else 2 axle with a flat panel nose to the cab. Any idea of location.
  3. Looks very like an Austin K5
  4. When trying to free the engine one thing to check is the camshaft and followers, along with the valve stems. Take the side plates off and give them a liberal dose of your favourite freeing oil,
  5. With a gearbox mounted P.T.O. they were slow speed and not suitable or able to use the full power of the engine. Compressors, hydraulic pumps, and slow speed generators are the usual items powered by this means.
  6. There is a one for sale on ebay powering a fire pump, I have not counted the head studs, there was also a new one for sale on millweb.
  7. Thanks for the reply, I think pilot shaft, gearbox bearing, fuel chang over tap, and as you say Radiator cap all for Bedford. They seem much smaller than I remember from working on them.
  8. A few more bits lurking in one corner.
  9. Thanks to the whole family for taking the time and making the effort so that we could see this wonderfull set of pictures and story.
  10. Here is a selection of wireing from one corner.
  11. I do not think anyone who has taken an interest in WW2 especially in Northern Africa would regard Italian Military personel as cowardly. It is rarely mentioned but a lot of the sorties carried out by Axis forces during the Battle of Britain were carried out by Italian air crew.
  12. My recollection was wrong, All of the RR engines I worked on were C4 both Turbo and Supercharged, I cannot remember the power outputs. Working compressors, generators, or Vickers Vicon or C6's various marks and power outputs from I80 bhp up to 265 bhp I did not come across any SF65 fitted to Vickers tractors they were all C6 engined or I believe some Cummins engined ones were built. Those Cummins engines had the PT fuel system. I think the main difference of the SF65 (Falcon) was it ran with the reduced bore of 5 inch and higher compression ratio in the N/A of 17 to 1.
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