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  1. I have this hand brake cable and brake cylinder.
  2. A fuel filler pipe for a CVRT. I think
  3. A phone number for Bedford spares 0191-5168855. I have no connection.
  4. A lot of them went of to live and work in Africa, there should be parts available.
  5. Given time one will turn up, what parts are you looking for? Leavseys at Alrewass used to have a lot of Bedford stuff. Is it the one with or without the parking brake? If you have deep pockets there is always Rush Green Motors.
  6. I think one of the 8 legger recoveries now lives near the A1 in Northumberland.
  7. Not only looks good but works as good as it looks. Have I missed it is there a picture of the pair together in their finery? TT and T.
  8. These last series of photo's put a human cost on warfare, the men laying in the ditch and a pilot and possibly another in the aircraft. Maybe even casualty's on the crash site. Sobering reflection.
  9. There are not many V8 engines about they are a very different animal to the 11.3 or 760. you have done a fantastic job recovering the coach. There is alleged to be a 6x4 Mammoth Major with a v8 engine on Malta.
  10. I think it is sorted now.
  11. I heard a wag say boat means (bolt on another thousand)
  12. In the background one truck to identify as well as a boat I think the other truck may be to far away to get a positive i/d on.
  13. This is only my opinion, a 4.2 XK engine with 80.000 miles on is well into it's overhaul window. Items like cylinder head studs and water gallery's will be victims of corrosion and sludge build up. Timing chain's and tensioners will require maintenance as will the valves. Take the breather cover off and look at the gauze. This is an old lady and needs looking after and treated with respect if you let her overheat she will pull a liner. There are no lay bye's at sea.
  14. What are you looking for on the U.J's?
  15. They used several Vickers Vigor tractors as well clearing the ground. Good results were obtained clearing away the shrub pulling lengths of ship's anchor chain between tractors. If you can find a complete original Shervic that would be a find. They developed multi tine rock rakes in the place of the blade as well as towed ripper teeth riding on large steel wheels. Some dozer blades could be fitted with tines that floated along the ground while dozing and scarified the the ground while reversing. I think one of the towed rippers survives in Sweden.
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