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  1. Has anyone here converted, or are thinking of converting, their MV to Electric power? I have heard of some Classic Car owners who have done it. Just asking. Robert
  2. Can anyone help identifying the gun handle here? It has WD markings and a number S27. Any help appreciated. Many thanks.
  3. I am looking to buy a Car Battery Conditioner to keep my batteries in good condition. Has anyone here experience of them and what is a good make or type? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks
  4. I have volunteered to help the MERL (Museum of English Rural Life) with a project involving the Groundnut Oil Scheme in the late 1940s, early 1950s. I know they used ex-Military vehicles and clothing, but need more details and any photographs. I know of the SHERVICK tractor made out of surplus Sherman tank parts, but wondered what else was used. Can anyone help with photos, information or references I can use, please? Many thanks. Robert Davey
  5. I have a certificate from a Petroless Day on 18 March 1942, allowing a car to go on an essential journey. Does anyone know anything about these Petroless Days, when they started/stopped and how frequent? How successful they were?
  6. Interior colour is Service Brown, same as the outside colour. Upholstery is green for front and folding seats in far rear of car, and brown rexine for rear seats. Door cards and millboard panels are all chocolate brown. Headlining is buff colour, like a pre-war Ford. You're welcome to visit to look at my vehicle for details. I live in Reading.
  7. I prefer to use Dpd for deliveries (more reliable and cheaper than Post Office). I will let you know how much and you can use PayPal for payment. I'll get back to you soon.
  8. I've got a Jeep canvas spare. Not in the best condition as it has been in my garage for about 40 years. If you are interested, I will get some photos tomorrow.
  9. In my 1944 workshop manual for my Ford WOT2 it mentions about the Red nuts. After a friend talked about white wheel nuts, I looked at all the photos I had of all wartime Ford WOT2 trucks and none had white wheel nuts. Seems to be a post-war thing.
  10. Tim Lane I have a wartime 15V generator which I can't get to run. Do you have a spare carburetor? Also an exhaust pipe and silencer. Thanks.
  11. WOT actually stands for W = War office, O = 1940 (start of WOT series production), T = Truck.
  12. I've been having a clearout and have these War & Peace items for sale. They cover the years 1999 to 2009 and are all in good condition. I will take £30 for the lot and this includes carriage in the UK.
  13. Ford WOT2 trucks are good, nice and fast but tend to overheat. Also it's like driving a car with the heater on permanently!! If you see them about, the windscreens are normally open and side screens never used. Also, use road or sand tyres on the front, not trak grip as a WOT2 will wander on a road. Good luck finding a WOT2, and you will like it.
  14. A Ford WOT2 is 7' 6" high, and my Garage doors are 8 foot tall to enable me to drive it in. It is also 6' 6" wide, so you need at least 7 foot clearance.
  15. Help please. I am trying to get in touch with Mike Buckley. Can anyone help with an email address or contact details, please? I just need to ask his advice on a Radio set. Many thanks. Robert Davey
  16. Did you get that manual? I saw it has ended.
  17. Just noticed there is a Ford WOT6 Maintenance manual on ebay, item number 333625599238. I have no connection with the seller or item, and only thought you might be interested.
  18. ENFO does mean English Ford, but it started in about 1950/51.
  19. Just a minor detail, For some reason, you have to use a Civilian type pick axe on a British Ford as an Army style one won't fit. Found this out when I restored my WOT2.
  20. Sorry, can't help with Heritage Commercials magazine. Got Classic Military Vehicle and Britain at War magazines.
  21. I might be able to help. What magazine and which issue do you want?
  22. An F means Foreign in Ford speak, or built outside USA.
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