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  1. Agree with Shrapnel - stainless for welding. Eutectic do 2.5 / 3.2 rods specified for joining dissimilar steels, or 'difficult to weld' steels, I think the number is 680S. Very useful for odd jobs, not bad at joining cast iron too (cosmetic work - not if strength is not important). Also in wire form for MIG. If you have cracks just vee out with a grinder / gouger and weld up with s/s. With regard to drilling / tapping, armour plate works by 'work-hardening' - when a projectile hits the steel is initially plastic and deforms, reducing energy of the projectile, but then rapidly work hard
  2. I've been trying PULSETECH XTREME chargers (well the MOD apparently use them), thinking it might be a solution to my dilemma of a shed full of OPTIMA batteries hanging around for months before being called upon to earn their keep. I know Antar on here has had very good results with them on Hawker batteries. I also know some of my batteries are sulphated - but unless badly sulphated they should still take a reasonable charge even if they don't last as long. I've had some batteries on charge for over 3 months continuous and the red lights flickr about and indicate 'duff battery'. Whe
  3. The oldest vehicle (albeit not military) looks like the Scammell in the first 2 pics - and might be the rarest if it is a 6 wheeler.
  4. And that looks like a genuine 1/2 cab (i.e. no top half) Matador near the end?
  5. Your optimism knows no bounds, and has also become highly infectious, Mike! Unlike you, I had not appreciated the significance of the wording upon going through the statement, but reading your post above I do believe the point you raise is valid - without availability of a useable original spec engine (or something equally old and compatible) there is no alternative but to replace with a more modern power plant in order to preserve the vehicle in running condition. I assume the phrase "these specific categories" refers to the preceding definitions of substantial changes to main comp
  6. You may wish to try 4 Counties - http://www.4counties.co.uk/# I believe their underwriters are KGM at Llyod's. You may wish to enquire about the underwriter's requirement to name any additional drivers with whichever broker you talk to. One thing I discovered a few years back: I was with a broker who used a specific (very good) underwriter, but who then started upping the premiums. When I shopped around for cover with brokers using the same underwriter I discovered I could not get a quote from any broker using that same underwriter. This resulted in a change of underwriter in ord
  7. A significant and relevant benefit of extra horses is the improved performance which goes a long way to help with keeping up with traffic - not top speed but acceleration to help traffic flow.
  8. De-rating a mechanical pump diesel engine is fairly straightforward (as is, I suppose, an electronic one) - but not sure about accompanying paperwork.....
  9. Yesterday early pm southbound M5 north of Worcester, a Crusader pulling a plant semi- trailer loaded with a faded green Explorer and a demountable office/radio body strapped over the rear bogie of the trailer. The driver seemed to have that satisfied grin only possessed of someone who has just been 'adopted' by a Scammell!
  10. I believe the curved-roof 3-window open-wheel-arch version to be a postwar Swiss built body. There were several variants of the WW2 U.S. body for different applications but outwardly all were similar.
  11. I think Iain is right, Cosrec- maybe if you insert a warning above your video link? Having clicked on the link I chose not to watch it on seeing the opening still - others may do the same, so you could get your message across by briefly describing (without too much graphic description!) what happened, and what went wrong?
  12. Nothing a pair of good ear muffs won't cure :cool2: :-D
  13. They may well have been Austin 10 engines, but I would be surprised, as CC were producing a range of similar sized engines for smaller car makers and for many industrial applications, and surely they would have fitted their own engines to these pumps?
  14. Turns out it was a 'Joint Forces' operation….. Unless the Explorer sneaked in just to pose for a pic?
  15. Nice picture here of Teale's DT wrecker out on a job in 1980 - just love the pool of water / oil on the road under the front :-D
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