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  1. http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?10336-Eager-Beaver-record-Cards/page3&highlight=Eager+Beaver+record+cards you will have seen my E.B.s' record cards. Posts #23 and #24. Not much use, My regs and serials are both too far away from 1972/73 changeover to be any use in working out a likely last chassis or reg in 1972. Sorry
  2. Two different Spitfires flying north about an hour and a half ago.
  3. Well, someone has to disagree but I think it is ugly, and spoilt by too much crap welded or bolted onto it....
  4. Form INF 34 says " (If the V5C indicates that the vehicle was registered from 1 January 1973 up to and including 7 January 1973, we will let you register it as a historic vehicle, based on the assumption that the vehicle would have been made in the previous year). Not much help, but I put it up because some 1973 vehicles do get Historic Taxation.
  5. If I own more than one vehicle, how to I enter this on the poll?
  6. Austin K2 Ambulance crossing over the A158 At Wragby heading off to Market Rasen.
  7. NFU declined to quote me for the Eager Beaver.....
  8. Only appears on a brass plate attached to rear of seat box as far as I know (as serial number not chassis number).
  9. Footman James fully comp @£129 which is a lot compared to the £80 I was paying NFU for Antar and trailer!!
  10. Mong seems to have a wide civvy usage. My wife tells me that as a kid in South Africa, over 30 years ago it was a widespread insult used by other kids and its contraction from Mongaloid (then a common term for Down's syndrome) was well known. Even though I hadn't heard it before its use seems to spread well beyond military usage.....and its civvy use may pre-date its adoption by some military types.... Biff is also widely used by the general public, its meaning includes " Best Friend Forever" ..Brother I'd Fight For,..or to carry out a sexual act, a cigarette or to smoke a ciggy, to b
  11. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=biff http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=mong Definition three I presume, not very nice or P.C......
  12. http://www.spaghetti-western.net/index.php/Companeros_Review Sorry still don't get it!
  13. General Mong was Ming the Merciless' half brother? No ? well how about this geezer? http://nguyentin.tripod.com/lmlan-2.htm Or this guy? http://abeautifulfilm.coldfusionvideo.com/?p=545 Sorry just don't get it!
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