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  1. Two different Spitfires flying north about an hour and a half ago.
  2. If I own more than one vehicle, how to I enter this on the poll?
  3. Austin K2 Ambulance crossing over the A158 At Wragby heading off to Market Rasen.
  4. Ex Fensom's MAT's are fairly easy to recognise because Albert nearly always trimmed the front corners of the cab roof, over the quarter-lights, to give an extra inch or two clearance when he was in the woods.
  5. Last one is one of Fensom's from Frairs Wash. I believe registration is actually KTM 188 Chassis O8532359, sold on to Storey Bros. Barrowden. See below.
  6. O853 5544 was H4951811 becoming 05 YZ 64, beyond that I have no informatiuon.
  7. Yes but it looks very possible to restore it..........
  8. but the steering seems just as heavy as the real thing.....
  9. Nice picture but they are two Explorers, not Pioneers.... The clue is in the driven front axle. That big differential, planetary reduction system, in place of the skinny, steering only, pioneer front axle means the Explorer's radiator has to sit a lot higher than in a Pioneer....Glazed tops on the doors are another pointer....And Air braking connections at the front of the vehicle.....And a different shaped cab and windscreens....And note difference in engine air cleaner.... And having a Gardner 6LW rather than the big petrol engine in the Explorer, meant the Pioneer could get by with a l
  10. Supplied new to Atomic Weapons Research Establishment., in much the same form as we see it here. (though for some reason it has gained military headlights in place of the civilian pattern it was built with) AWRE presumably did their own recovery, and had their own wrecker. I suppose if you are carting Nuclear munition and materials from site to site, you need technology to recover it without using commercial operators. Oner of the very last Matadors built Chassis number O853 10841 Claimed built 08/07/1955 (Last Matador chassis was either O853 10892 built for Pakistan Army Dec 1958, o
  11. Quite a number were built to this spec from parts allocated to a cancelled Ministry contract. Two at least were in Rush Green Motors. Post war, rationing, make do and mend, needs must, mentality........ (all the forward winching, winch rollers are also fitted even though there is no winch!)
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