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  1. Have a look at a Mk.V bike, like this: http://www.abbl1940.be/FIETSEN/BSA MKV algemeen.htm Site is in Dutch, but with good photo's. There is more info about them on the forum and elsewhere.
  2. It's actually not that hard to separate Ethanol from petrol yourself, see this video for the principle: It can be done on a larger scale too, within practical limits of course. Adding food colouring to the water to create a good contrast will help with the separation. This might be an option for vehicles that are only occasionally driven?
  3. Amazing work! Those NOS doors might appear at the horizon soon
  4. Murphy's Law dictates that a pair of NOS doors won't show up until the day after you finished the repairs anyway.
  5. I think you can remove the paint with a wire wheel without damaging them?
  6. I believe originally, white cotton rope was used for this and for the guy lines? Sizes can be found here, but a quick scam didn't reveal the material : https://www.6thcorpscombatengineers.com/docs/FieldManualsWWII/FM 20-15 ( Tents and Tent Pitching ).pdf
  7. Pics with flash, but I think this is SCC brown? Inside the cabin of an unrestored Fordson WOT
  8. He's 78 now... Good thing he has a stunt double
  9. This would be the perfect excuse to get a nice M35A1 truck that will run on this fuel mixture just fine (multi-fuel turbo engine). Absolutely amazing machines, icons of the Vietnam-war and fun to drive... as long as you wear ear protection! 😁 The forum offers free coaching and the masterclass 'How to tell the wife' 2.0, Lesson # 1 being 'Forgiveness is a lot easier to get than permission'. A random pic from the 'net as example
  10. Install the wiring on the body before you put it on the frame.
  11. And just when you have distilled a theory after dozens of specimens researched, someone will show you a T8-numbered frame with original Raleigh transfer... 😆 Amazing those numbers weren't recorded somewhere before, but I would love to know more about my bike like maker and approx. date of manufacture.
  12. My Mk V, used post-war by the Dutch army so no ABL stamp. No idea who made it or even if it's a Mk V or Mk V*, as it didn't have original wheels or steer.
  13. And I think I see a familiar-shaped nose sticking out in one of the photo's too
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