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  1. Was it parked somewhere behind that tangled mess? 😀
  2. French ones are marked on the inside of the sight protector, at least the one I had a few years ago was.
  3. Both in German and French, so most likely Swiss.
  4. Thinking of it a bit more, it could also have been Tectyl we applied. This is sold in spray cans that come with a piece of hose with a misting nozzle. It would also work wonders on the inside of the frame, inside the tank well etc... any hidden areas.
  5. When we restored our jeep in the '90's my dad had some lenght of hat channels made, having the same outside dimensions but the metal being a bit thicker than original. We did not use any inserts and after welding we drilled a few small holes and applied Waxoyl on the inside over the many coats of paint, the holes being capped off. Seems to hold up fine.
  6. 12V won't be a problem, it's more that you have to check if the original wiring is damaged/broken/brittle (especially the coating) but even if it is, it is worth keeping for reference. You can leave the wiring on the tub, just make sure everything is disconnected at the fire wall.
  7. Part of that wiring looks like it might be original... If so, that would be worth inspecting to see if it can be cleaned up and used again safely.
  8. The post-war CJ aircleaner is similar to the late MB/GPW one (2 vs 3 sets of louvres at the back I believe), but it might be possible that late MB's used the CJ-style, I don't know for sure.
  9. Yes, you can get flexible spouts for these.
  10. Distribution cap has no cracks and the small graphite piece (don't know the proper name) is present? Any chance you can borrow another carb from a running engine to swap and try?
  11. It's either fuel or spark I think... Remove one of the spark plugs, hold the thread against the block or any other mass and see if it sparks when the engine turns over? What is the condition of distributor cap and leads?
  12. Regulator is not original but looks old, might be worth looking into what it's for originally; perhaps it can help someone else's classic car restoration?
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