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  1. Yes, you can get flexible spouts for these.
  2. Distribution cap has no cracks and the small graphite piece (don't know the proper name) is present? Any chance you can borrow another carb from a running engine to swap and try?
  3. It's either fuel or spark I think... Remove one of the spark plugs, hold the thread against the block or any other mass and see if it sparks when the engine turns over? What is the condition of distributor cap and leads?
  4. Regulator is not original but looks old, might be worth looking into what it's for originally; perhaps it can help someone else's classic car restoration?
  5. Excellent work! You could consider doing a wash to bring out even more details?
  6. Maybe this will come in handy too: http://jeepdraw.com/How_To1.html
  7. Jerry is correct, I mixed up a few things.
  8. The bracket for he blackout light is fixed with 2 bolts, and the bigger hole behind those two is for the wire (through a grommet).
  9. There must be some rapper with too much money and lack of taste that is willing to spend $100k on it?
  10. They most likely didn't know how to remove the steam lorry from the truck which makes it too hard to quickly get rid of the Scania as no fence will touch it then.
  11. Found this on the frame of ours, d.o.d. January 8, 1942.
  12. This unrestored, completely original refueller is in my friend's collection. Up to now I haven't found any other surviving examples.
  13. As Chris said, if it runs OK just leave it closed, change the fluids and clean & repaint the outside. I found this website http://jeepdraw.com/ to be extremely helpful, especially the 'Colour or Finish of Jeep Parts'-section.
  14. They do make great flowerpots, don't they?
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