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  1. When I was restoring my 1916 Albion back in 1978, I went to look at some solid rubber tyres at a place called Jerralang Junction in Victoria Australia, as I had heard that there was the remains of an old truck there. It turned out to be a Schneider with the Solex radiator and the 5 spoke wheels. There was nothing left except a small section of the chassis, the radiator and the two front wheels with grey semicircular (in section) tyres. I brought home the wheels and I still have them but I should also have taken the radiator. It went to scrap not long after I went to see the bits.
  2. Here is a bit of Th.Schneider history for you. That engine was made after 1919 and before 1924. The Société anonyme des automobiles Th. Schneider was registered at Besançon on 16 June 1910. Vehicle production finally ended early in 1930. The manufacturer started out producing a range of cars with side valve 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder engines. In most respects these were conventional cars, apart from the "dashboard mounted" radiators, positioned ahead of the driver but behind the (front mounted) engine. By the time war broke out in August 1914, the Th. Schneider range comprised seven 4-cyli
  3. G'day S & F, The cam plate in magneto is what sets the rotation for either clockwork or anti clockwork rotation. Find an anticlockwise cam plate and your problem is solved. It might be easier and a lot cheaper than buying and shipping a complete magneto. As Old Bill says, get the maggy rebuilt before you fit it. My 1924 Studebaker magneto had a fat blue spark but only after 2 hours running had given up the ghost completely and is now being rebuilt. Good luck with the hunt.
  4. I do not want to derail this great thread but try Googling '1922 Summit Car Company' or just look at the site:- https://graham64.wordpress.com/2015/10/29/1924-summit/. This is an inverted chassis showing the Fredrickson ACME suspension system.
  5. I was recently at the Australian National Vehicle Museum in Birdwood SA to study the ultra rare Summit car on display and noticed the good way to stop sticky fingers from removing the radiator caps and mascot from the cars. A fine stainless steel wire crimped around the cap/mascot and affixed under the bonnet. I thought it was a great idea. For interest sake, look up the 'Summit' car on the web. I have parts of one and there are only a very few left in existence world wide.
  6. Hi Roger, Thank you for all that. I can understand exactly where you are coming from re the costs involved. My 20/25hp has 'One Shot' lubrication which obviously hasn't worked for a long time and the shackles and bushes all have to be replaced. A big expensive job but so what, if I don't spend it my kids will, so I've taken up skiing. 'Spending the Kids Inheritance'. This is a photo of my car, GGP19, taken about 1968. It is known in Australian RR circles as 'The Safari Saloon' If I can get it back to that, I will be happy. Regards Rick.
  7. Sounds like a great project. There was a replica WWI RR Silver Ghost project here in Australia a few years ago but the bloke passed away and when the RR came up for auction, the wining bidder only took the rolling chassis and the scrappy got the complete replica body which went to China in the great scrap drive at the time. Do you have the correct Silver Ghost engine and running gear or are you going to use the what ever engine you have removed? I am restoring a 1929 20/25hp Rolls and I am lucky to have the complete rolling chassis with all matching numbers. This is the 20/25 chassis as it
  8. Looks like a late 1916 or a 1917 Albion A10. The early 1916 Albions never had the ALBION name in brass on the radiator, only the small oval brass badge fixed with 2 bolts. The 1917 used the radiator with ALBION cast into the top tank, Nice picture.
  9. Not much time left as ending November 4th 2020 is an auction for an unusual piece of equipment. FIELD GUN TRAILER, GRANT MOTOR CAR CO. 1918 https://bid.aumannauctions.com/lot-details/index/catalog/25520/lot/3772561?url=%2Fauctions%2Fcatalog%2Fid%2F25520%2F%3Fpage%3D2 Bid Online: Now - Nov 3rd, 4th & 5th 6pm Central Items Location: 16696 IA-64, Maquoketa, IA 52060 I hope the scrappy doesn't get it.
  10. You are doing a fantastic job but I notice that the Chassis Bars are slightly more agricultural than the ones on the the chassis of my 1929 20/25hp. Rolls-Royce which I finished wire brushing the outside of today.
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