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  1. I have an old cylinder, that I use for knocking the fins off of, and then grind the pieces to size and MIG weld them just on the edges, still holding out after all these years, but the damage wasn't so severe as on Steve's barrel, I don't think it affects the cooling much, as the OHV design runs a lot cooler than a sidevalve. Cheers, Lex
  2. Nice! I will add it to my database. It was suggested by someone here that the the T8 numbers were made by Enfield, but only a picture of a frame with Enfield transfers on it, and a number starting with T8 to back it up. The more numbers and details we can accumulate, the more of a pattern we can see, might take years, but I have done so succesfully with Welbikes. Cheers, Lex
  3. Yes, they had to loose weight!! and a lot of it too! Lex
  4. G3L, has less fins on the top l/h side, and the pipe pushes in, so it's not that, but what and why, I don't know, is it not G80? larger bore, but same bolt pattern. Cheers, Lex
  5. Getting along nicely Steve! The paint on the throttle looks to be postwar deep bronze green, so must have been from a rebuild, don't think these parts were painted from the factory. Lex
  6. OK, Richard, I will check! no worries, Lex
  7. Ok, fair enough, there is a difference in workshops and sales locations ofcourse. Thanks, Lex
  8. Ok, the frame number is indeed listed as that in the Key Cards, it had C456435 as the C number, and the last users were the 1st Foresters, it was struck off at 26-06-1963 So if it were rebuilt, between 1944 and 1948 it would have had another C number, one that started with 14. so I personally think, the guy who wrote up the info for the Key Cards, noted down some casting number? Spare frames, came without any number..... Wasn't ASH, Ashchurch? just going from memory here, so could be wrong. Cheers, Lex
  9. Well, I cannot possibly read the rebuild plate, but I will see what the ERM number was according to the frame number. Oops, the ERM number is in the description, will have a look. Lex
  10. Ha, Ron, but it's just a lowly M20, not a pukka 16H! and only 250 miles ridden, a red herring for sure, because all the problems will start after 500 miles! Cheers, Lex
  11. Yes, really needs a restoration, the hinge in the rear mudguard is also not original, but as a plus, looks like a Norton Big 4 saddle on it, that I would be very interested in! Toolbox is the very nice early one, I wonder what the framenumber on it is? Cheers, Lex
  12. Vokes filters were pioneered by Norton, already in 1937! but the War Office wasn't really interested, until the North Africa and Far east campains got underway, but by the time the contracts were made for Vokes and Talflow fitted bikes, and the bikes were produced the war was almost over! More can be read here: Air Cleaners (wdnorton.nl) But don't agree to all what Rob writes. Below first contract 1938 Norton Big 4, with Vokes. Lex PS, still have a couple of Vokes and Talflows for sale.
  13. Oh, crap! the 2 clampy bits were on Ebay last week, I forgot about them, but they have sold now. Sorry, Lex
  14. Well I just don't know anymore, but post to the UK can still take 1-2 months 😭 And I used the cheapest way, to send it, just to see what would happen! Lex
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