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  1. The original manuals are rarer that the Cushman itself! and fetch insane prices! Luckily I found mine for a little less. Cheers, Lex
  2. So now it's 2019, and I still haven't finished the Dozer! Had to wait for the proper rubber hose for the hydraulics, and that came in recently, together with the cold weather, so it will take some time, before I fit anything, did get the scraper plate wear pieces painted and trial fitted, just need some bolts shortening, and a weld ground down, then I can fit them properly, but all holes line up nicely. Then the hose stuff, I did not want to go with the modern hoses, I had over the years collected everything to make the original stuff work, exept one set of compression couplings, and I did buy a whole wreck for that!! It does have nice tracks though, so I will keep those! Here some more stuff how the couplings work. The make of the couplings is Eastwood but have not been able to find any parts on the loose anywhere, was difficult to get the brass compression "tubes" off the old hoses, but did manage. So this is all ready to assemble now, but have to figure out the lenght of the hoses used. More later, Lex
  3. There are some plans/drawings for Airborne Cushmans. join the FB group, they are quite active, but there is one guy who has copies of factory drawings, but he's not going to share them. below some basic sizes. Cheers, Lex PS, you have more chance if you post this in the Motorcycle section.
  4. Wow Steve, that is an intersting find! I have 2 Pack Howitzers, used by the Light Regiment in Arnhem, if you ever want to trade for another drivers handbook, let me know, will pay extra cash, or with parts!
  5. Looking good Steve! I have found some one piece oil lines in the past, but the parts lists all mention a rubber piece, so not sure what happened there. Cheers, Lex
  6. Ok, sorry, that I don't have, or know the dimensions. Lex
  7. I just posted this in the trailers section, but it's WW2 I think, no dataplate at all. Cheers, Lex
  8. Where does that go? a link to Hitchcocks would be handy. Lex
  9. Picked this up the other day, a very original, paint and all, WW2 US handcart, could be for sale. Also some period pictures added. This is not very small! but light enough to be handled by one person. Cheers, Lex
  10. I thought this has been the case all the time for batteries, negative is always smaller then the positive, are you sure you didn't mix the cables up? Cheers, Lex
  11. Ok, I'll check later (bought another 2 wheeled apliance, that I have to pick up this afternoon!), but going through the pictures, I'd say 10-15% of the speedo's on G3WO's are gloss black, also on a better copy of my first picture the speedo's are darker than the KG3 of the bikes. Lex
  12. Yes, just changed my text!! but that doesn't mean all panel tanks had a trip speedo? Have I opened up a can of worms now? looking through the hundreds of G3WO pictures I see more and more black speedo's and in one of them it looks like the little knob for resetting the trip is visible, see below. Lex
  13. Ha! I'm merely quoting John Tinley, as I was mentioning the black speedo on a post on Andrew Helmsley's G3WO, at FB conversation, but I will delve into the trip thing. there is only one black speedo in my picture though, so maybe John has another picture? Cheers, Lex
  14. Something I didn't know, is that some G3WO's had black speedo's, could that be the civvy trip speedo's that were in one contract? Found a nice NOS ammeter ring the other day. Cheers, Lex
  15. Ok, but that was from the start anyways! hope you can get your parts copied, but I might have sketches with sizes anyway. Lex
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