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  1. Hi Alfie! Good show! Lex
  2. Hi Ray and Tom, I have a couple here in Holland, but that is probably too difficult, but I can ask a friend near Luton, if his can be viewed if you want? he can also tell you all about it. Any chance of a picture of the glider loading plan? In the meantime a picture of mine, that is on loan to a museum. This is one with original parts recovered from the battlefield mounted on it, and 100% British wartime used. Lex PS, another solution could be to go to Duxford, as they have one on display, but it's a bit strange, as it's hanging from the ceiling!
  3. Well, I have seen both restored, but have just heard off of an original brown one too, or remnants of brown paint, but most I have seen were green. Lex
  4. I have some problems with this website, many things are wrong! Please don't use it as a reference to what is original or not! Cheers, Lex
  5. Ok, but the US O.D. is different to the GB O.D. that is a fact, and I have not seen any bicycles in brown (original paint) but what do I know! Lex
  6. It's all about colours today it seems! (on FB) but I think, the bicycles, followed along the lines of the motorcycles, that followed the vehicles.... British Vehicle Camouflage, 1939-45 (mafva.org) Cheers, Lex PS, or buy all the literature available.....
  7. Yes, same for me! but also riding the bikes, and collecting the manuals and tools for them, make it quite interesting. Did you read about my newest find? And in the meantime I am in contact with the daughter of a War Photographer, who's bike (or front number plate) I own, pictured in France. Lex
  8. A lot of bikes were bought and shipped to the US too, see these adds, also Pride & Clark a mentioned in a Motorcycle Mechanics article. Also a picture of Mortlocks, where were they? OK, they were in Perth, Australia! building is still there) Lex
  9. Thanks Richard, I have added it to the slowly growing file of abreviations. Just checked the Ruddinton catalogs, but I have nothing before 1967. Lex
  10. Yes, that's probably what it says, it's incredible that the cards survive at all as Colonel Penny was ordered to destroy them, luckily I got them. All persons that actually worked with these cards have passed away now, but I did try in the past when the good Colonel was still under us to ask him about abreviations and meanings, but he always said, "I'm retired now, and don't want to think about my work anymore" so never got much out of him, the lunches in the Officers mess at the Ayrshire barracks in Mönchengladbach were always good though! Lex
  11. It had the wartime censusnumber C5552192, and framenumber 1114xx, there's another word written, that I cannot read after Sudbury on Keycard 202b. I will also check some Ruddington catalogs, but think mine are newer. Cheers, Lex
  12. Here the 1954 medal, the rider, and the bike got!! Lex
  13. Well, you sure got the smell of it!! sorry! Lex
  14. Paul, do you know anything about production figures, for the MK V and V* ?, and is there a way to figure put from the dramenumber, what make it is? I have a couple that I plan to restore. Thanks for the explanation, and now I know what the T.P. on my parts list means! Lex
  15. I have some extra lenght of Indian repro guard, if anyone needs it, we bought an extra, to lenghten one some years ago. Lex
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