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  1. Thanks Jan, for confirming my thoughts! Cheers, Lex
  2. I don't know, but there is a rivet, you'd have to grind it off, or drill it out from the inside, and find a blind rivet to replace it, or have a little bolt turned with a round flat head to replace it. Lex
  3. I had a look at my parts lists, as far as I know, only one number for James and Flea, but I don't have all of them, is there someone who has the missing one(s)?? Flea Contract Part No. S831 ? C14775 ? S1945 ? (only have the 1943 price list for this) S6602 MT12/VS/V496E S7112 MT12/VS/V496E James Contract Part No. S1718 ? S1833 ? S1972 MT12/VS/V496E S5571 MT12/VS/V496E S660
  4. It could just be a pice of dirt on the negative, never seen one with 3 rivets! and it's not neccesery for the aplication either. See pictures of the internal framework on an original filter, and the rivets on my filter, that is 100% original, bought from Villiers services 20 years ago when they had 3-4 NOS ones, and I bought them all, well for 10 quid a piece, I could not let them fester away in their dusty bins.... Lex
  5. I'm not so sure if I look at the original picture though?? Looked at all my other pictures too, and cannot find another with the 2 bars, will take a picture of a dissasembled one though. Cheers, Lex
  6. Ok, there must have been 2 types then, but I thought you added one of Arnauds plates to one of your filters? Lex
  7. I will check mine, but Ron, the one on your Flea is modified I seem to remember. Lex
  8. I got these pictures, think 2? everybody turns the rivets to the underside, where you can't see them! Cheers, Lex
  9. Yes, I have done that joke hundreds of times, love it to wind people up! Lex
  10. It's a replica Ron, so not worth a lot anyways. Lex
  11. As soon as it's possible Ron! but now the Hull-Rotterdam ferry has ceased passenger travel, maybe that will happen for Dover-Dunkirk aswell?? Sure hope not!! Cable routing, there's black tape on the clutch cable and frame as you can see on my B/W picture above, all original paint WB's have this, so is a factory thing. Lex
  12. Much, much better Ron!!! am I allowed on the premises again to point out more inacuracies???? Still working on the last 3 Welbikes of a batch of 10, slowly getting there! Cheers, Lex
  13. Well, end of first day sale, there were more the next day, but my experience in (French Military sales) is that the prices go up at the end of the sale, not down. Cheers, Lex
  14. Ok, here you go, the front, 1st page and page 35. Hope this helps, Lex
  15. Probably not, with my new laptop I cannot use my old scanner anymore! but I can take a picture, send me the details again please. Sorry, Lex
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