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  1. Happy Birthday Lee... sorry it's late
  2. I think we fared better than many in the overnight rain... I beleive a Fallschirmjager group went to bed and woke up Kreigsmarine! The off road capabilities of the chevy were... erm... dissapointing to say the least...
  3. We were there too... and thank god you were there too or else we'd still be there too!
  4. Good weekend. We very much enjoyed it again... Even if I did bury the Chevy up to its ears in mud in the swamped carpark this morning... it looked like a chrome plated hippopotamus! Many thanks to Ken for pulling it out at silly o'clock this AM with his GMC
  5. I once had a Golf with the same problem/symptoms. In the end it was that someone had put the fuel feed to the fuel pump onto the fuel return line into the tank and vice versa. The fuel return line drains into the tank from half way up whereas the feed obviously feeds from the bottom... might be worth a look.
  6. hmmmm... don't think i could bring meself to slap OD over the chrome :shocked:
  7. Thanks for the very kind offer but I'll kill anyone to death that tries
  8. I assume it will have a drink problem, yes!
  9. thats what half a bottle of vodka looks like... not pretty :nut:
  10. Damn right I'll get over it... at 60 mph with the heater on and the radio turned up
  11. since the dodge went to jessie I've been hankerin' for some vintage wheels to transport the family to and from events... so I've joined the postwar set... oh and went partly civilian! The car seems to have lived on a Californian US air base in California for a while so USAF it is the stovebolt 6pot blue flame lump is also pretty well a jimmy motor
  12. I've got a packet of Skips, does that count?
  13. Hopefully brother will get a thumping if its crap as he's assured me it'll be good...
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