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  1. I went up to the north east and photographed the Vickers Mk 11 and the Valkyr for a feature for Classic Military Vehicle on 2005. It never appeared and Pat Ware never told me why but I don't think. I had a good day with the owner and even went for a ride in the Valkyr which was superb fun. The Mk11 was huge - had no engine and looked to do be all there otherwise.
  2. I like too many. I was in the Museum of Modern Art in New York recently and they have some stunning stuff including the classic Van Gogh of Starry Starry Night fame and a whole room full of Monet's waterlilles. William Holman Hunt's Strayed Sheep of 1852 - painted at Fairlight is in the Tate Gallery - a gem. I've got a print of it and a fridge magnet. In Canada a few years ago I nearly bought a railway scene from a shop in Banff that was stunning - but my Mrs decided we didn't have room for it. I can't remember the artist.. will check. How daft. I've always loved the Cuneo and David Shepherd
  3. Beautiful. Don't apologise for having such a lovely motor!
  4. That will be the new Brad Pitt movie.
  5. This is one of the best non MV threads I've seen on here in yonks. Thanks chaps. MB
  6. Then I wonder who this bloke was then? I wish I'd snapped him now.
  7. As he plays the tank commander in this film - I don't think driving is essential at this juncture and I hope he gets a haircut and reprises his accent from Inglorious Bar Stewards - at least so we can get him pulling pints in our club house. When I was at W&PR I happened to be present when a gentleman who is apparently one of the producers made an appearance and he was very entertaining for several reasons way beyond the advertising pages of the Daily Bile or even Cage & Aviary Birds. He wore a very fetching fashionista designed cammo outfit. We got the impression he thought everyone a
  8. My father didn't get his until 1976!
  9. I think you'll find it interests more than just a few people. Where (approx) was the pillbox - If I may ask??
  10. I've got a recent book that lists a number of the glider landings in England. I'll have a look. MB
  11. Well - having seen the WORST WAR MOVIE thread is still running I find chums crying over WARHORSE in here, too. LOL. What a winner. That Spielberg - he's clever. He appeals to us all one way or another. Anyway - No doubt for me they fall into brackets - FULL METAL JACKET - Not least because it is a classic and I get to hear Nick's stories about extras falling down holes.... and Hue was in Beckton - right on the A13 which you can get your kicks on if you listen to Billy Bragg. THEY WERE EXPENDABLE. ..from the novel - a classic, too. Great sequences and not overwhelmed by John Wayne.
  12. Brilliant thread. The only things I regret selling are two cameras - which, if you know me, will make sense. My first proper photographers camera - a Yashica Lynx rangefinder - it had a broken shutter leaf on the fixed lens. But it was very special to me. First SLR - Fujica ST705W (Pentax copy) never replaced. I will one day. I have all but one of my other cameras since boyhood - all the smashed kit from tank photography down the years. Nothing gets thrown away. Daft. MB
  13. You can look on the Great War Forum but I can tell you the things I know. When my Uncle Leslie was killed with two others on 23.08.1915 the three of them were buried in a single grave. They were killed by shellfire. As I know from my experience of battlefield travels over many years the bodies were intact enough for them to be identified but not enough was left to constitute individual burials at the time. However, in 1921 when the cemetery where they are buried was formally layed out by the IWGC - they were separated and my uncle was even buried further away from his mates by several feet. It
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