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  1. That will be the new Brad Pitt movie.
  2. This is one of the best non MV threads I've seen on here in yonks. Thanks chaps. MB
  3. Undeniable that it looks wonderfully authentic in that livery. What are your plans for it. Keeping it in that scheme or back to original layout? MB
  4. Here's a good page from the Blue Star Line website. Coincidence as my grandfather worked for Blue Star and one of his old ships, the Arandora Star was lost in tragic circumstances in 1940 with huge loss of life - the Arandora Star. http://bluestarline.org/lamports/vandyck3.html MB
  5. Good point....I'll have to check the other useless frames. I assumed someone would bite before now regardless....
  6. Saw this jeep with a chum on the A21 on Sunday evening - presumably on the way home from Headcorn. Hope it's someone on the forum. The snap isn't great. I didn't match the speed right out of the window of our Verso. MB
  7. a slanted message - but I was mightily peed orff to have no camera when three Met fuzz choppers did several close formation passes over the City and then a long hovvery thing over Tower Hill (approx) while I was out on my rounds. This appears to have been done for a camera ship flying with them. It was very impressive. Have seen plenty of Lynx up from HMS Ocean and the usual flybies of Chinook and Apache we get along the Thames - but this was special. Back to reality.... MB
  8. If they are they're going the wrong flippin' way to Southend!:wow:
  9. Has anyone spotted a plastic bin bag full of my dirty washing from WP?
  10. Same thing happened to me in April. The C130 went over us at Bowness as we were driving to Kendal to see Bodge. I got a distant shot of a Hawk and saw the Tucanos, but nothing else. We did see HMS Ambush being finished in Barrow. Very impressive. MB
  11. Still producing quality products, Olaf! Good stuff. MB
  12. There's a new HMVF t-shirt slogan right there.
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