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  1. Hello, there's plenty of knowledgeable people here and we've been going for about 16 years, so there's lots of interesting stuff to read and see.
  2. The GPW ran ok during the 5 mile drive. When we got back, the coolant was down a little with more fresh spray over the front axle where the overflow pipe points at. I'm guessing the running engine leaking passed the gasket was pressurising the coolant system, forcing it out of the overflow. So after parking up in the garage again, I drained the radiator and while it was empty, fitted a new drain cock, as the wings on the old one were damaged. I've ordered a new head gasket, so hopefully it will arrive soon and I can get it fitted in the next week or so. Half an hour afte
  3. GPW Test Drive - April 10th I suspected the GPW has had a weaping cylinder head gasket, especially after finding a little water when I changed the oil just before moving to the new house, so looked into it today. I started by cleaning and gapping the plugs and points as they needed doing anyway. The engine started ok, so I pulled it out of the garage. The radiator level was down again following the house move drive. This has been a common problem for a while, often blowing out of the overflow. It took a litre to fill it up again. This time the start sounded more lumpy. I susp
  4. Is there anyone who does a reasonably priced maintenance charger that does 6v, 12v and 24v? All three of my vehicles have different voltages and it would be nice to have one charger I could periodically swap from vehicle to vehicle. Fortunately over the whole of lockdown, my Jeeps were kept at home and I saw the lockdown coming last March and put the Dodge up on axle stands and removed the battery to bring home to look after.
  5. "Jessie the Jeep" was in 100th Bomb Group Ordnance Depot markings for this outing. It was a lovely Spring day with real heat in the Sun. I went out with my fleece flying jacket but didn't need it. I'm counting this photoshoot trip as our first 'event' of 2021. I'm hoping there'll be several real events this year too. Several event organisers are planning to hold events this year unless circumstances change and dictate cancellation.
  6. I took over 100 photos and have thinned them out to just a handful here. In most cases, there are two photos from each location. It was nice to be out with the Jeep, surrounded by countryside with some lovely views and lanes to drive.
  7. Durham Photoshoot Trip - March 30th With the UK 'Stay at Home' rule ending on March 29th and today the 30th, being a nice sunny day, my daughter and I took the opportunity to go for a Jeep ride around the local area. It was only around 11 miles, but we stopped at several locations on the route to take some photos. The first couple of stops were quite close to home and for most of the route, we looked for country lanes to drive.
  8. Well, it went into the shipping container, so as long as floor to lintel height is equal or greater, it'll fit!! Four wheel drive and first gear and it would fit now with a bit of crunching!!!
  9. @steviem I've chatted with the guy immediately next door about them, but the people in the house at the bottom of the garden I don't think have seen much until the truck turned up yesterday. I'm guessing they'll have noticed it now! Hard not to!!
  10. The dome is removable. It has been since the time Rupert owned the truck as the barn where he kept it wasn't very tall. It was also necessary when I kept it in the shipping container. It has those quick release clips like you find on metal flight cases, so it's a quick job to take it off and I used to flip it upside down and put it back in the hole. That gave me enough clearance. You can just about see the inverted dome in this picture from a few years ago.
  11. The Dodge was parked up next to the garage to check its height in preparation for the modifications to raise the doors. This will allow the Dodge to fit inside and give more clearance for the Jeep with the roof up. At present, Jessie's Follow Me sign would be too tall to fit through the door. In the shot below, all three vehicles can be seen together, the first time since Bowes Railway in June 2019.
  12. Once my daughter finished school for the day, we loaded up a few more odds and ends and began our trip to Durham. We travelled the same back road route as we'd taken the Jeeps in February. My daughter took a few shots to record the trip over which went without any problems. It was a great feeling to be back behind the wheel after 18 months off the road and 12 months and a day locked away in the container on axle stands.
  13. Yesterday was exactly one year since Faith was jacked up and placed on axle stands to sit out covid. It has now been 18 months since Faith went into the container after the Tanfield Railway 1940's event in 2019. It was a long hibernation. A year and a day after the wheels left the ground, they touched down again. Faith the Dodge joins the Fleet at Durham - March 22nd Today, March 22nd 2021, it was time to bring Faith to the new house, in preparation for the work on the garage to allow all three vehicles to be garaged together. The first step was to get the Dodge back down off the axle stan
  14. A number of the workshop unit doors needed paint overspray cleaning off, which was done by scrubbing them with cellulose thinners. So while the cellulose fumes were clearing, I got both Jeeps out for a quick photoshoot in the garden. It was a wet day when Jessie was driven over and this was the first opportunity for a picture of both Jeeps in the sun together at the new house. There have been other sunny days, but I've been too busy! The first photo shows how low the garage doors are, so I think the new plan for the garage is to raise and widen both doors. The UK's covid 'stay at home'
  15. Workshop Progress and Jeep Photoshoot - March 15th We've almost been in the new house for three weeks now and in that time, I've brought about ten trailer loads of our belongings and furniture over. Two loads were the workshop units and benches. This allowed me to push on with the workshop fit out which is now almost complete. All the machine tools are in place now, the bandsaw and sander dust extractor ducting is made and just the spray booth left to finish making. The new sink needs plumbing, but that isn't an urgent requirement.
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