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  1. My gut feeling is the markings are from a previous civilian owner. The star is the wrong way around on the hood, the circle around it is very thin, neither of which I've seen on wartime vehicles. Also the US and number on the side of the hood, I haven't seen like that before, or in that font style. The question is........if you keep sanding, are there further layers and markings to uncover. I'd be tempted to get good square on photos of them all, trace them all so you have a fullsize template and record of them, then keep sanding to see if there are more genuine markings further down.
  2. I managed one more 2020 road run in December, a 48 mile drive touring around Tanfield, Stanley, Lanchester and Chester-le-Street. A mix of bright sun and showers and very fresh, but a nice run out. That gave me 17 outings across a year where I didn't expect to get much at all. My dashcam struggled to get any decent pictures due to rain and spray on the screen. I could just reach around to wipe the screen clear, but it didn't stay that way for very long. Heading towards Tanfield village. Somewhere beyond Stanley. Who knows where! Heading under the Chest
  3. We continued East through Craghead, descending all the way to Chester-le-Street and then cut up passed Rickleton into the South of Washington and back home. We were out for around three and a half hours and despite wearing a hat, my head felt quite numb by the time I got home. I gave the Jeep a hose down before putting it to bed.
  4. After some time, we set off again, heading through Stanley and on to Annfield Plain. With occasional showers and lots of spray on the roads, it was hard to keep my windscreen clear for the dashcam pictures. Quite a bit of the driving was directly into the sun which was also bad for the images and didn't help visibility either. For some of that time when the glare was particularly bad, I ended up with my head out of the side of the Jeep to see. From Annfield we went on to Lanchester, then Burnhope and Quaking Houses, before turning right passed my old radio model club flying site a little
  5. We turned around at Marley Hill and headed back parallel to the railway, cutting across the track at Bobgins crossing near Causey Arch. From there we took the country lanes to East Tanfield station where we stopped for coffee. By chance, Colin, one of the Tanfiled 1940's weekend organisers was on car park duty, so we had a good chat about how the railway was managing through 2020 and the planned return of events in 2021.
  6. Christmas Run - December 27th To end the year, I had run out with another Jeep owner. Meeting at B&Q in Washington, I led the way to Tanfield railway, via the back roads and Beamish museum. We didn't really have a plan on where to drive so stopped at Marley Hill by Tanfield's main yard to work out a route.
  7. September 16th - Washington/Springwell Drive By mid September, I felt another lockdown coming, but didn't know how strict it would be. We gave both Jeeps a short run around to exercise all systems before another possible long sleep. September 27th - Hett, Sunderland Bridge & Broom House Farm Restrictions weren't as bad as we expected so we had a run out to Hett village on the 27th, to see their Nissen Hut village hall. October 17th - Tanfield Tour We had a trip out in mid October to look for the colours of Autumn. Part way into the drive, we discovered the colour of
  8. June 20th - Family BBQ As restrictions eased, we went to Lynne's parents for a BBQ. Naturally, we took a Jeep. July 12th - Coastal Drive If you're heading to the coast for a cruise, might as well do it in style! July 26th - Car Boot Sale The lockdown and restrictions cause major delays emptying my late father's house, located two and a half hours away from home. We'd been working on it since October 2019, and finally manage to get to some car boot sales mid 2020. The Jeep trailer provided more space than the car boot. August 21st - RAF Morpeth Tour By late August restricti
  9. 2020 has been a strange year, but not a bad year in the Carr household. In fact, it's been much better for us than the last three years. At the turn of 2020, I had lots of events booked in and it was shaping up to be a good event year, then one by one, events started to be put back to later in the year or cancelled altogether - covid casualties. In late March, I saw the first lockdown coming and with the Dodge being kept away from home, put it up on axle stands to hibernate. Both Jeeps live at home, so would be easier to maintain. March 18th - M201 Test Drive My first outing of the year
  10. From there we turned West again, heading home through Boldon where we stopped for our last memorial visit. While it had turned damp, it was a nice run out and I was pleased to be able to complete my Remembrance Day ambition. With a Covid dominated year, where many people have sacrificed time with friends and family and some loosing the chance for Christmas with family, it still pales to insignificance when compared to the sacrifices made by those in WW1 and WW2.
  11. From Whitburn, we continued East to the coast and had a drive along the sea front. It was cold and wet, yet there were still lots of people on the beach! Strange people!!
  12. The Whitburn memorial was only a few hundred yards further from the pond. The sky had been getting darker the whoel trip, despite the forecast and while at Whitburn, it started to rain heavily. We quickly unpacked the canvas and got the roof fitted, creating flashbacks of our October run out in less than ideal weather!
  13. Close to the memorial is a plaque from the Airfields of Britain Conservation Trust, a memorial to the World War 1 airfield on Cleadon Hills, a short distance away. From Cleadon, we continued East, making a short stop at Whitburn pond for a few more pictures.
  14. Decembrance Day - December 20th With the proper November remembrance Day locked down and raining heavily, I delayed my trip out until December. I had planned to visit the war memorials at Washington, Cleadon, Whitburn and Boldon. After stopping to fill up with fuel, we made our way to the Washington memorial. As we drove into the village, there was a white van parked in front, barriers and workmen. There was no way we'd get a decent picture, so turned around and headed East towards Cleadon for the next stop. Due to the major A19 roadworks, our usual route was closed, so we ended up t
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