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Expatriate found your website!


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Okely-dokely, here we go....

I just read your forum rules, so I will try my hardest to abide by them; first an intro.

My name is John Smith (Honestly, Officer!), but my nickname is Sarge.

Born in Lincoln UK, raised in Cornwall, lived all over the world.

Two years Royal Navy, 845 Wessex Squadron, 21 years USAF FACP, 4 years US Army, 9 years US IRR. You do the math, that makes me a retired old fart.

I recently bought a farm (The Flying 'F' Ranch) near Austin in Central Texas. I had to buy the ranch because my collection of military vehicles outgrew the housing restrictions in my old neighbourhood.

Speaking of collection, I'll list what I have at the moment. An M35, M1009, M715 (x2), M561, M1003, M1030, M416, M820, M101, M832 (x2), S250, S530 and a SEE.

I guess it's obvious that I'm totally addicted to green machines. Also you'll notice that the majority are USA military vehicles, well, living in Texas, what do you expect? The M1003 and SEE are German and the M1030 is Japanese.

I'm retired, I have my pension and this is my main hobby. I like weapons and also have a bunch of them. I am flabbergasted at the new draconian weapons restrictions in the UK. I remember clearly as a youngster being taught how to use a 303 in the ATC. I also remember shooting rabbits and pigeons in Cornwall with multiple weapons. What happened?

Enough on that subject.

I do tend to blather on, but I have an excuse. I was lightly blown up in the Gulf War which unfortunately broke most of my bones, the worst being several vertebrae. The VA (Veterans Administration) prescribes me 300 vicodin a month, which keeps me pretty well stoned all the time. That's why I blather; blah, blah, blah.

I would like to tell you how I found this website....

My M1003 (MAN 8x8 10 ton) has a weird transmission which takes NATO code O-176 oil. I googled that and found a great document written by a man named Clive Elliot. That lead directly to your website. I will now try to find out how I go about asking Clive a question.

What do I bring to your website?

I know quite a bit about how the US military supply system works, Federal Stock Numbers and such. I know a fair amount about M-series vehicles, 1970's to present. I am by no means an expert in any subject, but I do have lots of years of experience working on this equipment.

What an incredibly long introduction!

Thanks for reading it! :coffee2:



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as far as I know length of the introduction is not limited , Yes Do post any Photograph's you have of your "TOY'S". You were quite right in asking about the correct type of oil in your other posting . With the range of experience and vehicle types I m sure you will have an answer soon .

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welcome Sarge, no prejudice here, every one gets the mickey taken. Sound's like you have been around. Be prepared to arbitrate in our many and varied squabbles, sorry, free flowing exchange of opinions. :-D



Watch out, John; Tony here will be asking if you've any bicycles, next......... :whistle: ;-)


Welcome to the forum,


All the best.


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I woke up this morning and checked HMVF....

What a great bunch of guys! Tons of hello's, makes me feel right at home.

Huge thunderstorm last night, I felt just like a kid in Cornwall again!

One thing I really miss about living in the UK is..... the sense of humour, Americans are great but not very funny. I miss the dry wit, the sarcasm and the double meanings.

A couple of you asked if I would post photo's of my toys. Sure, I'd love to. How? I'm not the world's greatest computer genius. Just a light shove in the right direction would help.

I also appreciate your use of the word 'experienced' to replace the word 'ancient'.

Military bicycles? No.... But I'm a member of an MVPA chapter, the Lone Star MVPA. Our website is http://www.lonestar-mvpa.org/

I am the webmaster which explains things like the rotten graphics, busted hit counters, etc.

One of our members has a 1939 Colson bicycle (whatever that is)

I have already asked Mr. Elliot my oil question, he truly knows his stuff.

I'm blathering again, so I'll shut up now.



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Welcome John.Wonderful introduction and the The Right Honourable Clive will be along soon - he will be able to answer everything (one of my best pupils).


Kind regards.






Aye,..........He taught Jack everything he knows.......... :naughty: :naughty: :rofl:



(from someone who knows nothing. ;-))

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Welcome John.


Nobody seems to have mentioned the club house cleaning rota for new members. As it's Christmas, you'll be busy sweeping up the cracker jokes (where Jack gets most of his humour or logic) and finding somewhere acceptable for the parsons nose. Cranberry sauce makes a terrible mess on the chairs - but what can we do? Personally, I never touch the stuff. Washing up rotas will be posted. Park your MV(s) carefully and watch out for the reindeer, horses, milk carts and bicycles - but you can crush the bicycles - nobody will be offended. On the 24th you will enjoy the spectacle of Jack dressing up like Roy Wood and singing I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day with the HMVF choir. And I do mean you WILL enjoy. Resistance is useless. Ear protectors are available from the shop - hurry while stocks last. Joris has promised to lay off the advocaat this year. Last year was very messy and I'm sure some of the others have stories to share. Minced pies anyone?

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So where did you live in Cornwall?


Tim (too)



Tim, I lived in a small village called Crantock, 5 miles from Newquay. I still have a LOT of family in Cornwall and I get home every year or two. Retired GI's get lots of benefits, but one of the best is free flights. I can hop a military aircraft to anywhere in the world. The downside is that retirees are the lowest priority, so I can be thrown off the aircraft in Timbuktu. If I'm really lucky, I fly in a C5 or C17 from Texas to Ramstein, Lear jet to Lakenheath, then a small twin prop from Mildenhall to RAF St. Mawgan near Newquay. The return trip is usually the twin prop from St.Mawgan to Mildenhall then a KC10 or KC135 from Mildenhall to anywhere in the US, then a civvy flight to Austin, Texas.

It's a tough life, but.....

Where do you live in Cornwall?

I will be over there in March/April for the one year anniversary of my son's death. I would like to sit and read 'Jungle Book' to him one more time.

I hope it's not raining, yeah, right.


P.S. Anything interesting MV-related in Cornwall? I'll be staying with my sister near Helston.


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Alright me ansomme!


Well my dad came from Penryn and my Mum from Lostwithiel. I lived for a while in Cornwall, on the Scilly Isles and in St Ives. I live in Oxfordshire now, but the parents live in Devon, so i go down to see them every now and again. I have to drive though. Nice benefit you have there (propperjob).


There is a Military Vehicle Trust Area in Cornwall and they are involved in a few shows each year. I drove my Jeep down to the Pendennis Castle show once and that was great fun. Show has been cancelled now by English Heritage (sound familiar anybody?) which is a shame.


So apart from the humour and the weather, what do you miss about the UK. You can get Cornish Pastys in Wisconsin and Illinois, but they are deep fat fried!!!


Tim (too)

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