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  1. Fantastic! It's like finding the Holy Grail as I've never seen any other photos of Falklands CVRTs showing the VRM. Thanks so much for sharing them!
  2. Martyn, 4 Base Workshops, REME, appears to have been at Bad Oeynhausen in Germnay in the 50s - not much else on the web though!
  3. I've followed your thread since the begining and it's just breathtaking - and such a shame that you have to sell it!! Perhaps a kindly lottery winner will pay for the Churchill to be restored and let you keep them both!!
  4. I've followed this thread since the beginning and you've done an amazing job, resulting in the very well deserved prize at Beltring on Sea! Very well done indeed!
  5. Mark, I'm currently producing a list of known MOBAT & CONBAT survivors. If you could let me have the Carriage Number (CA***c) and dat eof your CONBAT, I'd be very grateful. I've just bought copies of the EMERS for the MOBAT & CONBAT from Vintage MV Manuals - superb!
  6. Thanks Adrian - that's answered the question I was afraid to ask! As matter of interest, when did the engine colour change to light blue?
  7. Yes, coming along nicely and looking superb - well done!!
  8. At least five new style WMIK Land Rovers (partially armoured) heading south on the M11 just before the junction with the M25 - the drivers wearing a mixture of Army Combat Helmets and civvie motorcycle helmets. I wonder where they were going? They looked really nice!!
  9. There are loads of radio experts on here who've forgotten more than I will know, but your Saracen would have been fitted with VHF (Very High Frequency) radios - the Larkspur sysyem was in use at that time. Whether this amounted to a 'special fit' or not, I'm not sure which is why I would write to the regiments to ask what they used Saracens for. Alien on here would almost certainly know - he was a cavalryman at that time.
  10. Phew that's a relief - two of the most useful research websites disappeared at the same time! Thanks for the info
  11. This is my translation of your Saracen's Vehicle History Card - sadly the most useful websites for vehicle history have both been off line for months now (BAOR Locations and British Army Units 1945 on), but I think it's accurate. The QRL association which covers both 17th / 21st Lancers and 16th / 5th Lancers may well be able to help you - even if only to tell you what your Saracen was used for! 96 BA 69.doc
  12. WOW!! Very nice indeed - what turret will you be fitting on it?
  13. Peter4456

    Fantasy Barn

    1) Tiger (well, it is a fantasy barn!) 2) Cent MBT 3) Chieftain MBT 4) Challenger I MBT 5) 02 EE 49, my old 432 and my first military vehicle 6) 03 CC 42, my Ferret 7) 78 BE 87, my wife's Champ 8) 120mm L4 MOBAT to go with the above 9) Schwimwagen 10) CVRT Sabre All I need now is to win Euro Millions!
  14. It might actually, but we may need Clive Elliott's expertise (again!) to know for sure Asset Code 0130 4231 = 'Scout Car Recce, .30in MG, Ferret Mk 2/3 (VHF)' - fitted with .30 Browning Asset Code 0135 4000 is not shown on the list I have, but interestingly 0135 4235, 4245 & 4255 are shown as being fitted with 7.62 GPMG, so perhaps your Ferret was too!! Previous Asset Codes ending in 4000 are all fitted with Clansman. I had a Relics GPMG on my 432 and it was superb but that repro barrel looks a very good alternative!
  15. It's not easy to read your Ferret's Vehicle History Card but sometimes a change of Asset Code can indicate that it was fitted with a GPMG. It seems that GPMGs were fitted from the early 90s and so the vast majority of Ferrets were fitted with .30 Browning MGs. I'd go for a Browning - quite easy to find a deact (although they're becoming quite expensive now!), and there is a company in Colchester who make superb wooden copies - with a NOS canvas cover on the end of the barrel, you wouldn't know it wasn't a real gun!
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