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  1. Have they got more than one 452...…...? 😁 Alec.
  2. Rangie


    Nice Mk3, good project! Alec.
  3. Price on the pair of Jeep books? Alec.
  4. Wanted Trailer T-Plate with the reflective buttons. Any condition considered, thanks.
  5. Looking for 8 of these Sankey/Brockhouse/ Lorry fitment rope hooks if anyone can help? Hook is nominally 3.4" long, 0.9" wide and the mounting holes are 1/4" on 1" spacings if that helps. Alec.
  6. Wanted Service Manual and parts lists for the Meadows 4DJ 420 engine, as fitted to various generators etc from the early '50s onwards. Thanks, Alec.
  7. Keep an eye on ebay. There are 15L and 25L versions. It is a similar system to the British Haybox/Insulator system. An insulator can hold a pot-stand, frying pan and cooking vessel. Fry your meat/onions whatever, put it in the cooking vessel, bring to the boil for however long and then put in the insulator for a predetermined minimum time to cook through/keep hot. Happy hunting, I have found some of a 25L system. I'm mainly looking for the Hydra stuff but will pick up the BVB if it appears for reasonable money. The frying pan is called a Verbratpanner, yep, a sausage pan!
  8. Classic Camp Stoves is worth a look, there are translations for the BVB there. Alec.
  9. No, not an angry cat or anything Jaguar related...... I'm after a Growler armature tester if anyone has one lurking unused? PM with details thanks, Alec.
  10. Please try to understand. I have a 2-hole trivet. Ultimately, if it comes to it I will have a crack at making a triple one. I have burners, 3 & 6 gallon dixies, insulators, ovens, chefs box, urns, fry plates, misc kit etc etc. I would like to find an original 3-hole (or another 2-hole), in any condition, to use with my set-up. Thanks for all your suggestions but they are not what I am after, cheers. Alec.
  11. All i'd like to buy is a 3 or 2 hole trivet! Thanks for suggestions. Alec.
  12. Yes, I have several of these, nibbed, un-nibbed and early tinned steel versions. Alec.
  13. Vastly overpriced for one of the common ones! Unless its an unmodified early one which are rocking horse poo, (and I would dearly love to find one), most were updraded to Type Ds' or Type Fs'. The one in the link is a Type D. Alec.
  14. I tried the RLC Museum 3 or 4 years ago and they hadn't anything spare at that time. I may try them again though, good idea. I have a 2-Hole, but I am after another one or a 3-Hole. I can't use the oven and the boilers/fry plate at the same time. I have a good selection of the equipment now, I've been searching for years for the stuff, if I could only find a 3-Hole I would be set! I'm contemplating making up some of the "Stands" for the 6-gallon dixies, the ones that nest inside the insulator with the pan and slot-together. I made up a trench plate the way I think it should be,
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