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  1. I know its a long shot, don't suppose anyone knows what happened to the Militant cab after the filming was over?
  2. no, its a 6x6, I'm sure I can see a diff through the junk
  3. looks nice, did you get chassis number? Looks like a 4x4?
  4. I should probably adjust mine that way, ok on a good run, but pottering the batteries don't seem to get enough of a charge. I'll add it to the list of all the other things I won't get around too
  5. yes, almost invisible to the camera, didn't get out of 2nd gear
  6. You Tube video of the parade, gets interesting about 3.23, you can't hear the Militant for the Sexton in front If the link doesn't work, search Worcester Parade on You Tube
  7. Militant before collection by low loader for trip to 214 Battery 150th Anniversary in Worcester Untitled by busandcoachpainters, on Flickr On the low loader (obviously) Untitled by busandcoachpainters, on Flickr Perhaps someones future vehicle? Untitled by busandcoachpainters, on Flickr At First Bus Worcester, assembly point before the parade Untitled by busandcoachpainters, on Flickr End of the parade, back at the R.A. garages Militant Worcester by busandcoachpainters, on Flickr
  8. lovely pictures, thought only mine got stuck on grass
  9. Nick, can't you get Steve to lean on the front, that should lower it enough
  10. that news took a long time to reach you! It was 3years ago! We were collecting for the Poppy Appeal, and the Militant had flat batteries at the ed of the day. So we had to squeeze a Ferret alongside, whilst filling the local freezer shop with fumes, and use the 'inter vehicle jump lead'. That was when the batteries were too big for the militant, they were ok when fully charged, but if they were flattened, the militant took a long time to charge them back up, so I put a pair of smaller ones one, and the problem went away.
  11. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Aec-militant-recovery-truck-/271026645466?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item3f1a7269da looks like another one is going suffer the fate of clean scrap x 10 ton. Thought the saga of this one was over for a bit, but looks like it might become the militant version of that bloody ferret that's always up for sale
  12. and just to add to that, yes there is the facility to counter-rotate the wheels on the same axle, but what many overlook is the fact that both axles are connected and militants don't have diff locks, so unless you have a double rolling road or remove the prop etc, all that will happen is that the militant will try to drive itself out of the rollers Glad you got Vosa to amend the regs for the militant, with a bit of luck that info will now be on file, and others in the same boat should be able to get future testers to refer to it, if the problem arises again.
  13. glad to hear you got it through an MOT again Jules! What did they do for a brake test?
  14. Was this another that was for sale a while ago on Ebay? Looks nice and tidy
  15. Most likely Mk1's, you gave it away when you said no power steering!
  16. wasn't the Militant the one on ebay recently?
  17. nicely done. Only criticism, couldn't you have run the camera 'man' over at some point, he was getting on my t*ts! Was he filming from inside a tent or something? Was that a Scammell driver singing at 9.44? Only kidding well done
  18. re gunge: I think it's going to be quicker to clean the system again, it's probably a bit more that's worked loose. Going to order some biocide this week. What filter did you use, and do you have a part number? I put the 5.5 back on the wagon to test it under real load, and on hills etc it lacks power, it feels as though someone is knocking the accelerator back sharply, then slamming it back down, almost as though I'd filled up with kangaroo fuel.
  19. after all those pictures, I've only just noticed the vice on the bumper, what's that for ? - a cup holder? BTW you think you got it bad, my fuel system is still knackered, thought I'd cracked it as well
  20. did the horn pushes come apart easily? Mine is not right, sometimes it works, sometimes not, I think it's due to some bad contacts inside? Didn't want to strip it and end up with bits everywhere?
  21. http://www.newtonnewtonflags.com/regimental-flag-14-bty-coles-kop.htm found the above on the net after pasting '14-bty-coles-kop' into Google. I've zoomed in on the original picture I have of 29 BS 55, and that is what I can see on the door. Well spotted !
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