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  1. Tim, I lived in a small village called Crantock, 5 miles from Newquay. I still have a LOT of family in Cornwall and I get home every year or two. Retired GI's get lots of benefits, but one of the best is free flights. I can hop a military aircraft to anywhere in the world. The downside is that retirees are the lowest priority, so I can be thrown off the aircraft in Timbuktu. If I'm really lucky, I fly in a C5 or C17 from Texas to Ramstein, Lear jet to Lakenheath, then a small twin prop from Mildenhall to RAF St. Mawgan near Newquay. The return trip is usually the twin prop from St.Mawgan to Mi
  2. Perfect! That is exactly what I was looking for. I will now have to get up and go out and find some 10W. If you could find it in Azerbaijan, I should be able to find it in Texas. Thanks again, Baz! -John
  3. I woke up this morning and checked HMVF.... What a great bunch of guys! Tons of hello's, makes me feel right at home. Huge thunderstorm last night, I felt just like a kid in Cornwall again! One thing I really miss about living in the UK is..... the sense of humour, Americans are great but not very funny. I miss the dry wit, the sarcasm and the double meanings. A couple of you asked if I would post photo's of my toys. Sure, I'd love to. How? I'm not the world's greatest computer genius. Just a light shove in the right direction would help. I also appreciate your use of the word 'experienc
  4. Wow Clive, thank you for the speedy reply! You attached a page from a 1979 Def Stan and said that it was obsolete now. Co-incidentally my MAN truck is a 1979 model. Thank you also for the link to the current Def Stan, I am in the process of down loading it right now. Because I only have dial-up service at the ranch and the Def Stan is 8MB, it will take about another hour. Thanks to the page you scanned, I can see that I need 10W moderate duty diesel engine service oil, which is further described as a mineral oil with additives. Used in "certain types of automatic transmission and gear boxes."
  5. Okay, this is my first post! (except for my new member intro) I bought a German M.A.N. Kat A1 10 ton 8x8. The transmission is a ZF WSK400. It's a bit odd, it is an automatic manual with a transfer case attached. When I say automatic manual, I mean that it has a 6 speed manual gear lever but it also has a torque converter on the front like an automatic. To start moving, you engage any one of the first 3 gears and let out the clutch whilst holding your foot on the brake. You let off the brake and push the accelerator. It drives off and you can feel the torque converter do the 'one-two' kick as
  6. Okely-dokely, here we go.... I just read your forum rules, so I will try my hardest to abide by them; first an intro. My name is John Smith (Honestly, Officer!), but my nickname is Sarge. Born in Lincoln UK, raised in Cornwall, lived all over the world. Two years Royal Navy, 845 Wessex Squadron, 21 years USAF FACP, 4 years US Army, 9 years US IRR. You do the math, that makes me a retired old fart. I recently bought a farm (The Flying 'F' Ranch) near Austin in Central Texas. I had to buy the ranch because my collection of military vehicles outgrew the housing restrictions in my old neighbo
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