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  1. There's one I found which is a bush find so needs more then tidying up what would the value be
  2. How much would one be if it needed lots of work doing to it
  3. Do you have any photos
  4. Does anyone know what happened to it
  5. best thing to do is join the aec matador facebook page lots of good information and records of matadors
  6. If there's any for sale I'd love to know
  7. Would be interested in the GS if any details are left
  8. id love to see the photos of the crossley
  9. is there many left id love to find one
  10. Does anyone know what's happened to it
  11. Good afternoon I'm looking to find either a wiring loom diagram or if someone has a nos loom would love to hear back
  12. thank you mate do you know the best place to buy from
  13. im looking for equivalent oil for the engine and gear box for my aec matador would be great if anyone could help
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