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  1. Looking to sell my 1942 matador project it's 3635 H4489309 jibs been removed and at the moment it's been stripped for storage but put the engine back in to turn it over happy to get more photos if needs be
  2. It's a 1945 build, Contract S8202/3 apparently all raf so would that be the light colour
  3. Would this be the right blue for a raf matador as I've seen a raf Cole crane painted in a dark navy blue received_1222055541567329.webp
  4. I'm just wondering if anyone could help me with finding the correct blue for a raf matador as I've seen some in a dark navy blue but others in a light blue need help finding the right shade
  5. There's one I found which is a bush find so needs more then tidying up what would the value be
  6. How much would one be if it needed lots of work doing to it
  7. Do you have any photos
  8. Does anyone know what happened to it
  9. best thing to do is join the aec matador facebook page lots of good information and records of matadors
  10. If there's any for sale I'd love to know
  11. Would be interested in the GS if any details are left
  12. id love to see the photos of the crossley
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