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  1. Hiya, This M1911A1 is a "DENIX" replica, made in Spain. Apparently an old one, I had exactly the same some time ago. It does indeed strip like the original but is clearly a replica, and not a part would fit a "real" weapon. Nor would I try to shoot it given the low-quality metal used for its fabrication... My penny worth... 😉 Regards, Vince
  2. Hi to all! I'm Vince, the proud and happy owner of "Churchill", a pretty standard 1986 ex-MOD softop, diesel, 12V, Land Rover 90. I am also a member of the EMLRA. I am currently living in French Guiana, so under a nice and warm sun, where I work as a Customs Officer. My Landy is my daily driver here, I think I am the only ex-military land rover around the country? There is at least one Hotchkiss M201 in Cayenne, but aside from that one, the "MV collectors" scene is pretty much down to... nil! "Churchill" on a (decent, even excellent one by local standards) dirt track, in the rain forest... If ever you wonder why I use "Dodgevince" as a pseudo, this has to do with my ownership of a nice and reliable WC-52 many years ago... And no, I don't play dodge ball... I also own a Mk2 Widetrack trailer, 1986 as well (oddly, my 9X9 is 1986 also...). the trailer is still in Normandy, where I used to live before crossing the pond... I am here to learn and read about MVs, and try to share this (cumbersome) passion with other enthusiasts! Cheers! Vince
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