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  1. A HGV 4 was a short lived licence for an also short lived lightweight transit type artic a C licence is your old class 1/2 rigid and CE is your old class 1 which also covers the C 1 E Drawbar i took my CE /CLASS 1 test in an artic and can drive a drawbar unless things have changed i does not work the other way very complicated
  2. Yes KRAZ there is one on the cover observers military vehicles post war a guy in Essex has got /had one and he likes a Hiab
  3. What would you like to be done with them when they are picked up
  4. Simple questions need a bit of help i changed the oil in my WC57 today might not sound outstanding but when you get a bit older even simple things become a challenge engine had been running on Morris golden film so no problem there but can anyone tell me best modern gearbox oil transfer box oil diffs ETC and also do i just pump grease into the front CVs joints serious got the buzz want to do more tomorrow thanks
  5. Hello Iain it gets a bit complicated but if you are interested i will try to explain there was a lot of interest especially from a collector of sirens in Toronto he tried many times to bid but they were always not allowed he contacted me and i spent over a week trying to sort it out with ebay and heard many reasons for the problem but in the end if you put "collection only"it turns out this is only available to UK buyers to sell abroad you have to put postage when you pay the basic postage to the ebay hub and then they take over and basically stick it up the purchaser this may well be okay if
  6. Tony you got 2 Dodges what was mounted on the o/s wing with 8 nuts and bolts and do you know what colour was factory Dodge under coat Charlie
  7. No longer available Just sold that siren an hour ago on evilbay £3300
  8. Brilliant love those Pathe films remind me of saturday morning pictures 6d not 6p sat through hours but cannot see my Dodge
  9. Its just a self declaration and forget your cover note /certificate they do not need it it will come up automatically
  10. No the taxation class will remain historic sorry will need to be taxed historic but will still be nil charge
  11. The DVLA says Quote you do not need to pay vehicle tax if your vehicle was built before 1 JAN 1980 .this does not apply to large vehicles
  12. Well i must be mistaken i recently registered a Dodge WC51 Historic with no MOT and also a previously MOTd 1978 SWB military Landrover historic with no MOT the Land rover had no MOT when i bought it and had no MOT when i sold it it was reclassified as tax and MOT exempt and there is a different cut off point between tax and MOT
  13. There was one like this north of Swindon on the Cirencester road
  14. In the back of my mind there is 2 cut off dates in the 40 year bit tax exemption and MOT exemption are different one goes by the year and one goes by the month something like that one takes the year one takes the financial year
  15. In the past i have had 5 dodges 4 ambulances and a weapons carrier French and Norwegian and have been all over this vehicle and there in nothing to indicate that it is F or N it has early bar treads and although it is not a WC58 it has the large radio in the back and the ceramic on the aerial is like a flying saucer original siren on N/S wing and something was mounted on O/S wing with 8 nuts and bolts no longer there was stuff coming out of Norway pre 1972 as said that lost 30 years intrigues me thanks
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