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Any other interests outside of......

Lord Burley

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Airsoft, i am part of a team (look in my sig for link)

Wargames, always good fun


Playing bass guitar, playing mostly metal and goth/darkwave

and if i am not doing uni work or messing withthe land rover i will be playing on the PC lol

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Photography - I'm hoping to get good at it.


Battlefield touring - totally absorbing and deeply emotional stuff.

Music - can't play a note, but have been engrossed in it since I joined the Melody Maker in 1977.


Collecting old/foreign bank notes (this is a very casual thing - it crops up from time to time - I was big into it as a yoof, but usually confine myself to stuff from my travels or those of friends....)

Collecting die cast models (a largely dormant hobby - but I am always looking for something different - Authenticast & heirs are my latest flames).

Collecting military helmets (only the cheap stuff as and when found. There were hundreds at W&P and all I bought was film prop guns and odds and sods).


I'll soon think of something else...........

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Both Val and I shoot clay pigeon most weekends and we used to do a lot of ballroom dancing not so long ago. Funnily enough, she commented that my idea of a good weekend was camping with the lads and the Ferret, while hers was a hotel, champagne and shopping with the girls.

Who said our hobby was expensive......

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My 2 boys


sniffing r-cubes clothes when he comes in from the garage, love the smell of old engine oil and sweat


That has to be one of the funniest things I have read for a long time! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Studied and read rural history since the 70's all comes from watching Jack Hargreaves. I focused heavly on our woodland history. I am still speechless with regards to the skills of our old woodland craftsmen.

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Myself,have always had an interest in motorsport.Try to compete in sprint trials and drag events when i can,also quite a few track days.Also an intrest in shooting.I make use of Bisley from time to time.


Awaiting my run at Fighting Torque last year at Wattisham




A recent track day at Brands,saw me put in a stormin lap




Only to over cook it in to the turn...





The Vette that will take on Nurberg ring and Spa in October




Ony if i can prise it off the other half first...




All this car malarky does bring some small rewards......



Our recent display at the autosport show..


The pleasure of having use of my brothers rifles at Bisley





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nothing as exciting as you lot, model railways, mainly german, but british aswell, also still collect the occaisional model bus, mainly london transport.


Militaria takes up most of my money now!!!!:-D



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