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  1. The Saladin requires a breech lifting frame which attaches to the inside of the turret in order to remove the barrel. Does anyone have one that I can borrow, buy or copy. Also, any info on barrel removal would be most useful. Many thanks David
  2. If you have a good one and it works - then keep it
  3. Topdog

    New Website

    There is a new Ferret website for general info. www.daimlerferret.co.uk Its worth a look folks David
  4. Phil. It is ace mate, I love to read the updates. Best wishes Dave
  5. Still cannot get used to it. Sorry. I only visit once a week max instead of every day. Out of interest, what are the traffic numbers
  6. I don't understand why this has not sold. Try advertising in America through Khaki Corps imports.
  7. You can find the condensed button above and to the right of listing of forum content, such as on the page you get by clicking the 'Next Posts' button. See the picture below.



  8. Topdog

    New Format

    Its like being handed a smart phone having never had a mobile before. Unfortunately, my default position is not to spend hours playing with it to try and get it to work. Shame really as I don't know of a similar forum where I can transfer to but this is the hardest forum to make work out of the few that I use for various hobbies.
  9. Topdog

    New Format

    Nope not found that button at all. I can only ask that question by pressing the quote button. If someone would like to pm that would be great as I doubt that I will find this again otherwise. David
  10. Topdog

    New Format

    I find it very confusing and not easy to read. I am using it less and unless it becomes easier to use I will be stopping - sorry guys, its just not friendly
  11. Fuel solenoid and ignite box both work well
  12. Blast blast blast............ I threw one of those out a while ago, not knowing what it was. Sorry.
  13. Thanks mate - GOT IT - I will be very careful. Should I ground spike it when running?
  14. Thanks Richard. It should be fitted with a starter generator but I suspect that my item is not the proper one for it.
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