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    Finding new and unusual ways of wasting money on rusty old army trucks
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  1. Hi Teeone, Good to have another 2a 109 owner on here! Mine is a 1962 ex Royal Artillery vehicle. Great that you are planning on bringing yours back to RN spec. Regards, Mark
  2. During WW2 the brass caps the WD used were completely plain and unmarked from what I've seen, and I suspect this practice continued post war. I've never understood why a broad arrow wasn't cast into them.
  3. Hi Ron, It's been an area of concern for many of us for a while now hasn't it, but sounds like Brian has come up trumps again. thanks for the heads up! Mark
  4. Just heard, the 2021 event has been cancelled. Absolutely gutted.😪
  5. Willy, I'm sorry I cant offer you much help with information, but I do wish you every success with the restoration. I look forward to seeing updates on your progress! kind regards, G506
  6. Hiya Lexy, really enjoying this, keep it coming! Mark
  7. So, yesterday Mrs G506 somewhat surprised me by suggesting that our Normandy commemorative licence plates should go up on the wall to be seen properly. This was great, but left my OCD going crazy as now there is no escaping the fact that I'm missing a few, most obviously 2009, but also 1999, 1994 and 1989. Does anyone have any of these they would be prepared to sell, or know where I might find them?
  8. Hi REME, Hasegawa models are still showing a 1/72nd DAC on their website. I'm sure I built this kit years ago. Knowing their AFV range it's probably still inexpensive.
  9. Many thanks for your reply, and my apologies for the delayed acknowledgement (I've been away with work). That really clears it up, thank you. Now I know exactly what to look for.
  10. Absolutely gutted to hear this. I've known him since the D Day shows on Southsea common in the late eighties. A great guy. I echo your sentiments, Richard - rest in peace, Roger.
  11. Inspired by this thread, I've started to put together a Triumph tool kit for display. A question regarding the King Dick adjustable spanner, I believe they were supplied to the WD in 4", 6" and 7" lengths (the lists posted by 79x100 show 7", and thanks for sharing that by the way). So, are the secondary tool kits standard on all bikes, and therefore is 7" the correct size for Triumph?
  12. A friend has just blown the head gasket on his 52 Morris MRA 1, it has the original Morris 4.2 litre straight six petrol fitted. Does anyone have an NOS head gasket spare they would sell him? He is pretty desperate so any help gratefully received. Truck is currently in Hampshire, but he has the use of a borrowed car to collect if necessary.
  13. I have an original MB/GPW steering wheel which I am looking to sell, but not sure what they are worth. It is the '42 to '45 style, green outer, steel spoked. Anyone have a good idea what they go for these days?
  14. Hi Dirk, I have a copy of the book (not for sale) but happy to scan for you. It wont be until next week, but PM me your email address.
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