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  1. Green Machine surplus sometimes have cookset spares.
  2. I would imagine we'll still have some changes to face, although it's likely to be targeted at "obsolete calibre" weapons.
  3. Anyone know what the correct paint on early (WWII era) no2 & no3 cookers is?
  4. Can't help being on a different island and all, but what's the unrefuelled range of a GMC? Looking a bit hairy over on t'continent right now.
  5. Remember a replica will require you to have a VCRA exemption. A deac wont.
  6. Managed to get a few pics today, old piece isn't looking that good, must spend most of their time on the 6"-ers which I must say are very well cared for. I tried to focus on the marks, I hope they're of use.
  7. This comes up fairly regularly, I can remember a kerfuffle about it twenty odd years ago when I was into custom scooters.
  8. Anyone got a notion about where I might pick one up and what sort of cash I expect to part with?
  9. There's one down at Grey Point Fort in HAC trim. I could grab you a few photos next time I'm down if it would help?
  10. Did anyone ever have/see the actual detector unit? Was it a variation on the PDRM82M portable meter?
  11. I'll be in Wednesday Afternoon, straight from Gatwick. I have one of those "30 second" tents, so about 45 seconds after arrival should be found somewhere that sells beer.
  12. I recall seeing a CVR(T) driven over a 'bridge' of pint glasses on some telly show.
  13. His employer has seen it, as have several car hire firms. Problem being, data protection rules (computerised records) mean that they've erased them... Guy is in serious danger of losing his job and I cannot believe the number of people in various forums who've had similar experiences.
  14. Dear Auntie HMVF, I am just at the end of my tether. First my Saracen resolutely refused to start. Then my wife told me she was leaving and taking the kids, not only that she is making claims on my house and savings that will leave me destitute. I've ben so down that I've taken to drinking and my job is now in peril because I'm so seldom sober... Please help or I'm off to the canal. Sad Sarrycan Owner. Dear Sad Sarrycan Owner, I'm so sorry to hear about all your troubles dearie, but these things happen, don't they? Make yourself a good strong cup of tea, sit down and think abo
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