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  1. Haven't posted here in some years. And in that time had a few vehicles pass through my hands. Latest acquisition is a 110 V8 landrover snatch. 100% complete with a very good provenance. I have photos of it in service in Northern Ireland where it was damaged in a blast bomb attack. And photos of it in service with the Royal Anglians in Basra. Thoroughly enjoying it. And despite the weight penalty of over 3.5 ton it shifts well
  2. What you have is standard pick up used on U.S bases in the UK. These were sold off as the Ford F series came into service. U.S military police units use the Ford Interceptor now.
  3. Alconbury was last used with the aggressor squadrons and the TR1. It's been on reserve along with Fairford since then. Alconbury is now mostly used for storage and comes.
  4. Tenco was the one in Hackney. Bought quite a bit of stuff from them. Loved Quartermasters and that old Stuart they had in the yard.
  5. Just come across this. Was on Mildenhall the weekend. It's earmarked for closure 2020. But a friend has just had his tour extension denied which would have took just him to 2018. So everyone is assuming it's going before then. Operations are being transferred with the 100th ARW being located to Ramstein. Lakenheath and Feltwell will remain open and the Base size increased with a possibility of two new squadrons augmenting the three already there which will transfer over to the F35 and F22. Lakenheath will be the last front line USAFE fighter station in western Europe.
  6. Lord Burley


    Had a great time these. We camped at Pegasus bridge. Did all the beaches and a few museums. And even managed to find my way onto the 10pm ITN news lol. Great week and great people.
  7. None of it was covered by insurance. And has for the deact certs. Then I can't place where they are as when all the weapons were acquired I have since moved twice. Just having a rough tally up on stuff stolen then it's around the £6,000 mark. It really has put a sour taste on Christmas.
  8. It looks that way. I do think its someone with knowledge to the garages,as the old ferret lock up which had no lock or pad lock fitted didn't even have the door lifted up. Spoke to someone next to me earlier and he had quite a few bottles of multipack drink stolen. But they had seemed to work their way through mine. Stole the big generator as well. Thankfully the .50 wasn't taken(more a case of to cumbersome to get away with) I have no doubt though that they would have come back for it. And I still believe that they will be back. Luckily for me also. The 1928 Thompson M1 Garand and trench shotgun were well buried. So I was able to recover them.
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