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  1. The Saladin requires a breech lifting frame which attaches to the inside of the turret in order to remove the barrel. Does anyone have one that I can borrow, buy or copy. Also, any info on barrel removal would be most useful. Many thanks David
  2. If you have a good one and it works - then keep it
  3. Topdog

    New Website

    There is a new Ferret website for general info. www.daimlerferret.co.uk Its worth a look folks David
  4. Phil. It is ace mate, I love to read the updates. Best wishes Dave
  5. Still cannot get used to it. Sorry. I only visit once a week max instead of every day. Out of interest, what are the traffic numbers
  6. I don't understand why this has not sold. Try advertising in America through Khaki Corps imports.
  7. Topdog

    New Format

    Its like being handed a smart phone having never had a mobile before. Unfortunately, my default position is not to spend hours playing with it to try and get it to work. Shame really as I don't know of a similar forum where I can transfer to but this is the hardest forum to make work out of the few that I use for various hobbies.
  8. Topdog

    New Format

    Nope not found that button at all. I can only ask that question by pressing the quote button. If someone would like to pm that would be great as I doubt that I will find this again otherwise. David
  9. Topdog

    New Format

    I find it very confusing and not easy to read. I am using it less and unless it becomes easier to use I will be stopping - sorry guys, its just not friendly
  10. Fuel solenoid and ignite box both work well
  11. Blast blast blast............ I threw one of those out a while ago, not knowing what it was. Sorry.
  12. Thanks mate - GOT IT - I will be very careful. Should I ground spike it when running?
  13. Thanks Richard. It should be fitted with a starter generator but I suspect that my item is not the proper one for it.
  14. Thanks lowfat. It states single phase on the plate. Will it run if I stick mains current into it?
  15. I have no way to spin the genny at speed to see if it produces current. Each pair of contact shows continuity and does not carry across to other pair. There is no reading on an analog meter for anything (volts, amps, DC, AC) if I spin by hand. The next thing to try is some sort of bodge to spin higher speed which might involve an electric drill or lathe - probably not a good idea....... or just to shoot some current into it starting with 24v and then 240v and have gloves on and fire extinguisher nearby.
  16. I would post pics if I could remember how to do it Andy. Its a Garrett GTCP-30-92C. Kind of looks like an overgrown turbo from a car ie round snail type engine rather than long straight through flow. The generator is marked Lucas Aerospace Air Cooled A.C.Generator but the fitting and splined shaft is an exact fit for the engine and I was given it by the engineer who I got the engine from as a generator that I might get to work as a starter as he did not have a proper starter for it.
  17. I have bought a small gas turbine apu just to run up for giggles but in place of the starter there is a generator. I want to know if I feed this electricity will it turn? I cant remember how to post a photo but there are 4 terminals which are two obvious pairs and the data plate shows Rating-----Ground----------Flight KW---------2.2--------------4.4 volts rms----83--------------115 Phase------single----------single HZ----------192----------220/400 RPM-----min 5760-----6600/12000 Any help much appreciated as the fitting and drive pinion is correct for the turbine. On another point, is the ignitor box critical on polarity? The feed is 24v but I have no way of telling which is pos and which is neg apart from one runs to ground - but I don't know if an aeroplane (HS125) is pos or neg earth and I don't want to blow the box by getting it wrong. Many thanks Dave
  18. Oh well done - now we are talking. Is it easy to get it as a runner?
  19. I know of one identical Merlin in a Rolls Royce dealership which looks amazing but lacks any internals. That would be an expensive mistake......
  20. A good starting point is 3.5 - 4.0 tons. Will try and dig further, how accurate does it need to be, is there a cost difference in 0.5t?
  21. Have you tried ebay, several pitches at Detling had them for a tenner each sorry cant remember the names
  22. More great work Phil - Lucky that you are not 3 road wheels short eh...................
  23. I am sure there was one on Milweb recently which didn't sell
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