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Who's Going, What Are You Bringing And Where Are You Camping?


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Greetings muckers,


I will be based in the four star accommodation press area at the Hop Farm from the Sunday onwards. I am hoping I can get around on the pre-show days and snap vehicles and people in a more quiet setting before the big rush starts. We will also be attempting the photoshoot, probably on the sunday morning as this is more convenient for the organisers.


Meanwhile, please let me know if you're going, what you're bringing and where you're camping and I'll do my best to come and say hello. I'll be togged up in the usual event team red polo shirt and will be wearing either an HMVF cap or a battered looking brown titfer.


It would be nice to snap as many HMVF motors as possible. If you're doing any arena events let me know and I'll attempt to be on tap.





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Hi Mark.


I shall be there from the 10th with 3 x Ward la France, 2 x Landrover 110, 1 x FV432, couple of trailers, maybe a CVRT, possibly a Ferret, 9 x 9 tent, green gazebo and someother bits. I shall be opposite the helicopter rides as per last year.


Feel free to visit WLF Towers - kettles always on.



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Will be there with the OT-90 and possibly the Landrover (depends on the MOT result) As usual will be with the AMVG group (Stuart, Jason & co.), next door to Lee and the Essex Armour & Softskins group, diagonally opposite WLF towers and opposite Chris.


Jack - forget the 21:00 bed time mate - it'll be nearer 01:00 - IF you are lucky!! :):)

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