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  1. 28 YD 15 was sold in a batch 12 motorcycles as Lot No.1185 Sale No.60 on the 4th day of the sale being 22/9/61 If my arithmetic is correct that day a total 408 of your model were sold.
  2. I have quite a few Ruddington catalogues, sometimes they were annotated by a particular dealer to indicate the price paid & occasionally indications of inter-dealer transactions. If you have the ERM I should be able to find the date of sale & lot number. Bear in mind that the date of sale could be up to 6 months after it was struck off census. I have a couple of auctioneer's catalogue which contain additional pages for recording the price paid, I'm not sure if the seller was recorded in them. About 8 years ago I spoke to one of the auctioneers who seemed to indicate that there wasn't much in the way of records remaining, with him anyway.
  3. If it has a Vehicle/Asset Code or ERM that would identify it. Can you post a picture of the contract plate?
  4. Yes the belly plate is just for protection, nothing will fall apart when you remove it. But it is quite heavy & you don't want that crashing down on you as you remove the final bolts. So you need to support it on some wooden blocks or similar. Sand alone but no evidence of Light Stone paint would suggest someone just off-roading it I would think.
  5. This is the routing of the cables for Rover 11 24v The shunt box to ammeter harness is 11ft 6in long.
  6. Neil the official designation is Car, Saloon, Grade 5, 4x2, Morris Mini. Vehicle/Asset Code 1135-0640 defines the vehicle type exactly. I don't have any details of the FVE 22A/130 Contract, I only have details of the contracts up to Sept 1974. These were WV 225, WV 4054, WV 7866, WV 9530 all of these had several Warrants. The last one WV 9530 did specify Warrant Nos BL(AM) 570, 644, 879. I don't know if (AM) relates to Air Ministry Contracts, in which case the RAF Ref No 16A/2539 & 16A/2817 applies. Are there any markings that might identify the ERM (Equipment Registration Mark) ie military registration which would be 2 digits + 2 letters + 2 digits. If there is no official plate showing that sometimes a cushion or something had some basic ID scribbled on.
  7. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/373700322593
  8. Well they are not listed in Clothing Regulations 1953 Pamphlet No.4 . Only these: Kilts, Highland (regimental pattern) Kilts, Saffron
  9. There was no single volume "Repair Manual" as such, various aspects were covered in a series of incoherent EMERs covering data summary, technical description, field & unit repairs, installation instructions, modification instructions, general instruction, inspection standards. These were in the sequence EMER WHEELED VEHICLES Q 020 - Q 029 this covered all Series of Rover & sometimes included reprints of Land Rover's publications. Many EMERs were joint 1/2 Ton & 3/4 Ton publications, EMERs specific to 3/4 Ton were suffixed /14 Topics such as starter motors, ignition & charging were covered in a range of sections in EMER POWER. User Handbook & Servicing Schedules were covered in Army Coded publications. A large number of EMERs were republished in the AESP octad 2320-D-100 that were for all variants of 1/2 Ton & 3/4 Ton. User Handbook was now called Operating Information 2320-D-100-201 Servicing Schedule was now called Maintenance Schedule 2320-D-100-601 Rovers were the only equipment that benefited from an EMER to AESP reprint. Due to the lack of coherence Land Rover publications were often used for the non-specific to military tasks. I have a Series III Parts Catalogue converted to Army use being over stamped Army Code No.22705, the illustrations are much clearer than the military publication but of course only give the Rover part number, so the military publication would need to be consulted to extract the NSN.
  10. Mike I know nothing about Jeeps, but as a general approach. I would: Check that you have a sensible voltage on the field winding of the dynamo. Is it significant & does it vary when running?. Check the voltage directly on the dynamo output or at least where it enters the regulator. Is it significant & does it vary when running?. If there is no output from the dynamo a very basic test is to run it as a motor. Take off the fan belt, detach any leads, then connect the field winding to the output winding then through a fuse say 10A to the battery terminal & the dynamo should revolve. If there is no movement despite cautiously turning the pulley a little, then disconnect the cables & with an ohmmeter you should read something like 10-20 ohms on the field winding. On the output (armature) winding you should read perhaps 100 ohms, try rotating it a bit as the reading may vary or be intermittent. If there is no reading you most likely have worn out carbon brushes or defective springs unable to push the brushes onto the commutator. (The resistance figures are just ballpark guesses)
  11. At least it saved you the indignity of being broken down on the showground. There was one Land Rover broken down at the end of the show & luckily I had packed my box of tricks with me & got him started.
  12. I saw Andy this weekend displaying his vehicles at the Overlord Show, so he is probably still recovering & getting organised after the event.
  13. Just returned from my 476 mile round trip to the show. A very interesting & convivial weekend blessed with dry weather. Many thanks to the SOE Club members for giving so much of their time & effort to bring this all together. Looking forward to next year, although I imagine that is only 9 months away? Very shrewd idea to have had this secondary fallback date.
  14. The one on the left with Lucar blades is NOS £35 The one on the right is a take-off £25 Both have provision for inserting a barrel lock, but the knob is free to turn anyway. Collect only at Overlord Show
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