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  1. Ok Doug will have to be tonight. I used to have 30 FJ 20 a late IIA 2/4
  2. The circuit diagram appears in the UHBs. The UHBs are a bit of a swizzle as although fat books, they are the standard 3/4 Ton UHB with a small supplement for the ambulance. So several bits of the main UHB don't apply or are incorrect for the ambulance. I have UHBs for Rover 9 & 11 Ambulances they both have a circuit diagram. So the Rover 11 is likely to be close to S3. Can scan it if you want.
  3. The Marshalls Ambulance Body ISPL AC No.22108 is disappointing as it is solely concerned with fittings & ventilation. Besides the twin fog lamps were not fitted in production. to Rover 9 & 11. Twin fog lights & special bumperettes were retro fitted to Rover 11 & presumably standard on S3 ambulances. The details are in EMER WHEELED VEHICLES Q 027/2 Mod Instr No, 3 The original bumperettes 552074 were to be removed & replaced with LV7/RU 2540-99-810-7759 this seems to correspond with 345188. The definitive answer should be in the S3 Ambulance ISPL AC No.22
  4. The repair & mods would have been in EMER ENGINEERING & MISCELLANEOUS D 100 somewhere. D 100 is a guess, as D is Cooking & Bakery Equipment. The earliest index I have is 1981 which starts with D 220 Mobile bakery equipment. NSN screenshot:
  5. J2 is the Domestic Management Code for Cookset Equipment, it was derived from VAOS Section J2 for Portable Cookers & Cooking Equipment. J2-7310-99-125-1847 pre-NATO Codification was identified in VAOS as J2-JB10820 Also in RAF as 21C-2143, a rather broad group as 21C covered "Metal ware" Used by RN as O247-10820 (note O247 not 0247) This section was withdrawn 30+ years ago Identified by Defence Clothing & Textiles Agency as AO-9374 & C1S767SH1T013 (yes really) From memory I think the adoption of FCS as NSN was ratified by UK in 1954. Codification was starte
  6. As a very basic time frame it has a MoS plate, so that suggests 1939-1959.
  7. Looks like the ERM is 34 TC 0? Not a vehicle, TC = Transportable Container 34 TC 00 - 34 TC 09 NSN 4940-99-967-1017 Asset Code LZ 5324-2700 (Z = Transportable Container) Contract No. ML31A2395 TC SHOP EQUIPMENT GENERAL PURPOSE THERMAL IMAGE REPAIR FACILITY ( GPTIRF) 3T CB 383
  8. Tony it looks very like Eau de Nil, I don't know about earlier but certainly post-WW2 zinc phosphate primer was in Eau de Nil.
  9. Don't expect a prompt reply, they are on a four day strike. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-56647149
  10. There are two main types of shunt box, one with a single shunt & the other with two shunts. They are both described in here: https://www.militarylightweight.co.uk/reference/manuals-catalogues/other-manuals-and-guides/fault-finding-the-90-amp-24-volt-generator/ That covers the shunt boxes, or were you meaning he wants to run the radio from the filter unit that contains the ballast resistors?
  11. Richard it says QL but it also says 4T so hard to trust the description!
  12. Richard yes I don't know what a complete kit comprised of, compared with a cab kit. These are expressions used in the SITREPs. I noticed the terms VPK & GRP kits are used, I don't know whether there was a change in nomenclature or the terms used by diferent writers or whether GRP kits were just that & VPK = GRP + XPM What surprised me was the need for a QL kit.
  13. Furthermore in 1972/73 there were 44 GRP kits fitted to Bedford MKs & 35 flameproof canopies supplied for Bedford RLs. In that period there were 300 GRP escape hatches fitted to RLs. In 1975/76 there were 30 GRP kits fitted to RLs.
  14. SITREPS as at 28/4/72 records for 4 Tonners there were 83 complete kits ordered of which 45 had been fitted. 332 cab kits ordered of which 234 had been fitted There was one kit ordered for a QL cab but no kit had been received. I think I have some more but this is the only cab one I have found so far.
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