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  1. Yes Neil they are still here & compliment the other half of the Hurst collection of the later catalogues. For several years I have been periodically sending them to Geoff Fletcher who is not only scanning them but feeding the scans to an OCR to construct a database. This will be a formidable resource, there are only a few of the early ones that have yet to be traced. Although this may ultimately effect the value of these catalogues it will never match up to experience of savouring the detail of the real document, the smell of musty paper, the well thumbed page, the rusting paper clip,
  2. Early days yet Wally, I have seen them go for over £100. So you are richer than you first thought!
  3. Circuit diagrams would be in the Technical Description in EMER TRACKED VEHICLES C 402 for Scorpion & C 502 for other CVR(T) series
  4. Ok thanks Andy well that's saved wanting to look for one.
  5. It is here Andy https://hmvf.co.uk/topic/42944-ebay-1970-foden-pyrene-bodied-royal-ulster-constabulary-water-cannonriot-control-vehicle/?tab=comments#comment-474455 Too big for me, but I would have liked one of the Commers
  6. What modes does it do Andy? Just FM or CW & USB?
  7. Andy yes there is already a thread on this not actually an RUC vehicle sale.
  8. Andy perhaps that service manual is a Level 1 publication rather than a Level 3 or 4 perhaps?
  9. 6kVA Onan covered in EMER POWER C 420/5 - 429/5 3.5kVA Onan covered in EMER POWER C 460/4 - 469/4
  10. In the index I have (2003) there are 3 Installation Instructions issued for Spartan in TRACKED VEHICLES EMER C 505, so something might be in there.
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