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  1. Hi Gang, As some of you already know my cancer has now been declaired terminal and I have been given 18 months to go so this will be my last W & P with Bertha my Morris 15cwt. I have got a friend to drive her to The Hop Farm on Saturday 14th and I shall be looking to park up in my usual spot by the toilets in America's Field. I shall try to get there about noon and would be most grateful if there are any other Forum members in the field who could spare me a little time to help set up my pitch. Many thanks, John Wheatley.:tup::
  2. Thank you, they seem too good to end up covered in grease and oil, I will take them to W & P and see if I can sell them to offset the fuel bill. Regards, John
  3. Hi Gang, I have a pair of brand new overalls which have far more pockets and zipped pouches than a normal pair. They are marked "coverall AFV crewman". Any idea what they would have been used for? Regards, John
  4. Don't know if this is any help to you but when the bearings went in my Morris I had them done by Gosneys in south London, it might be worth having a chat with John Cox of Cox and Turner in Hampshire. Regards, John Wheatley
  5. Hi Gang, I used the gaugeshop, all one word and the guy there couldn't have been more helpful. Regards, John
  6. bit naughty when she cold and pinks when under load no matter what I do, even the swearing makes no difference. Sometimes she definitely not a lady Regards, John
  7. Hi Gang, Do you think it would do anything for my 1944 Morris 15cwt? Regards, John
  8. would sooner have access to a bren gun. that would steady the b-----s up a bit. Regards, John
  9. Just a bit of info. have had to replace the water temp. gauge in Bertha and have found the most helpful man in the Kent area and have no hesitation in letting you know his name. Alan Davis, he can be contacted at alandavis@thegaugeshop.com 01732 838528 Regards, John
  10. Dear old Bertha blissfully plods along at between 10/12 mpg and I blissfully plod along totally ignorant of what she costs me per annum. Were I to stop and cost it out then I would probably burst into tears. :shake::cry: Regards, John.
  11. Hello Mate, Not sure if that's the recommended one, all I know is that it is near Gosneys who are in Romford. I had all my info for mech. and body spares on a floppy disk which self destructed and all I could retrieve of that entry was what I posted. I looked on Google and it's near Gosneys as I said. That's the best I can offer. Regards, John.
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