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  1. Not sure but I think it's the differential that you would need to change. OB bus diff would be good.
  2. I fitted an overdrive from. Andy Usher. It helped on the OY which I think had a 7.4 :1 differential ratio. Message me if you want anymore info. Regards Graeme
  3. Suitable for the MW OX and OY. New old stock. £15 +post. 07765086115
  4. Last one. New old stock K9. Front Spring Bracket Rear. £20.+£3.20 post. Thanks Graeme 07765086115
  5. Can anyone identify these new well greased up parts. Some kind of flange with threaded insides. British related I presume. Thanks Graeme
  6. Need a front damper for my MW please. Doesn't matter what side, aslong as it a front one. They are the same on the OX and OY. Front dampers have shorter arms and have the number 19 stamped above the right hand bolt hole on the small sloped section. Thanks Graeme 07765086115
  7. Has anyone got a spare front damper they are willing to part with. It doesn't matter what side or a bit rough looking . Not the early version just the normal type for the MW. I need the inside. Thanks in advance Graeme
  8. Bedford OX, OY, New old ex army stock cab vent Door. Very slite surface rust in places due to long term storage, but still extremely presentable, straight and sound. See photos. £32+post. Any questions 07765086115.
  9. One pair. Left and Right . 4x4Ford Fordson thames, commer cab, front tow rings. New old stock. £25 + post.
  10. I have some new old ex army stock engine parts forsale for Landrover Series 1 including connecting rods for the 2.0 petrol 1955 to 57.Valve Rockers 1948 to 58 including LH Inlet Rockers 239545 . LH Exhaust Rockers 239547 . RH Exhaust Rockers 239546 Connecting rod bearings.. 020". 239836. Contact for details and prices. Text me or message thanks Graeme 07765086115
  11. Look what turned up in the garage today after months of having been lost. I looked very hard to find one forsale, which I bought. Now I have two👍.
  12. Bearing for Bedford MW OX OY QL crash gearbox. See photos and numbers for details. New old stock. Sealed box. £14+£3 post. Any questions 07765086115. Thanks Graeme
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